• Five easy steps for joining your Zoom meetings, with video (for students)

    Video showing the steps

    1. Sign in to Portal.

    2. Click on the Zoom tile.

    3. Click "Sign in." You should see your Zoom profile page, with your student email listed.


    4. Leave that Zoom tab open and go back to Portal and click on the Google Classroom or Seesaw tile


    5. Open your teacher's Google Classroom or Seesaw class and click on the Zoom meeting link your teacher provided.


    Troubleshooting for students who can’t log in:

    • Be sure students used the five steps, in order. Technology Services has noticed that the vast majority of students who are experiencing issues are not starting the process by signing in to Portal and then clicking on the Zoom tile and signing in to Zoom.
    • Ensure students already tried signing in with Google after clicking the link to your meeting.
    • Check who is logged into the Chrome browser on the device: if it is a personal Gmail account, log out of that and log into Chrome (and turn on “Sync”) with the student.sanjuan.edu email address. Note that this step should NOT be necessary for students using San Juan managed Chromebooks.
    • If that didn’t work, ask them to clear their cache and try again.  Directions to Clear Cache.
    • If they can’t sign in with Google after doing that, they may have Zoom running with a personal login from last year (or even a family member’s login for their work):
      • Log completely out of zoom online and in the app
      • If they have tried all of those steps above, and still can’t access your meetings, students should put in a ticket to Technology Services for support.

    Finally, as a very last resort, most students should be able to use the meeting id and password instead of the link if they are not able to authenticate. To do this, they click the Zoom tile in Portal, but do not sign in once the page opens. Instead, they click “Join” and then enter the meeting id and passcode. However, it is important to note that these students did not sign in and therefore will not come in using the authentication process. As a result, their usernames may differ. Please only provide this as a last resort to help until their authentication issues are resolved.

View the steps on video