• Overview

    Night 1: Updates & Uncovering Opportunities

    The San Juan Unified School District hosted a virtual College Week 2020. The week-long event kicked off with an introduction by Superintendent Kent Kern and an outline of the programming for the rest of the week. Tracie Locke, the lead counselor for the San Juan Unified School District, gave updates on FAFSA, standardized testing, updates with the UC system, and upcoming workshops. Julia Roesser, College & Career Readiness Counselor for the San Juan Unified School District, demonstrated how to use the tool, SuperMatch. This tool is available to SJUSD students through their Naviance account to help students with their virtual college search. Cara Bartell, a representative from The College Board shared information about Big Future and virtual search tools and scholarships available to students. The final presenter of the evening was Bridie Carinci, an Admissions and Outreach Counselor from CSU Sacramento. She provided updates for CSUS and the CSU system as a whole. 


    Night 2: Community Colleges

    On Night 2, we heard from representatives from the Community Colleges, including American River College and Sierra College. The first presenter, Roxanne Luppino, shared information about the Career Technical Education programs at American River College. The second presenter, Allistair Turner, shared campus, admission, and financial aid information about Sierra College. The last presenter, Jazzie Muganazo Murphy, from American River College shared information about ARC's Achieve Program for first-year college students, campus information, and admissions timelines. 


    Night 3: Four Year Schools

    On Night 3, we hosted 12, four-year schools, from all over the nation. 1. UC Santa Barbara (2:40) 2. Creighton University (10:22) 3. Cal Poly (18:17) 4. Oregon State University (28:14) 5. University of Oregon (36:05) 6. Otis College of Art & Design (45:40) 7. Columbia College Hollywood (57:40) 8. The University of Arizona (107:53) 9. The University of Wyoming (116:58) 10. West Point (127:46) 11. UC Irvine (138:25) 12. Boise State (144:15)


    Night 4: Find Your Path

    On Night 4, the "Follow Your Path" programming ended the week by hearing extraordinary college and career journeys from our very own, San Juan Unified Alumni. Students heard from a motivational speaker who embraces GREATNESS, a beloved middle school teacher, a NASA space station controller, the assistant GM for the Stockton Kings basketball team, a professional actor who’s toured nationally and internationally, an engineer who develops and tests sporting equipment, and a video game developer!