• Being involved in your child's school is so rewarding!  Volunteering is what sets Cowan apart from other schools.  The more you engage with the school community, the more rewarding your experience at Cowan will be.  There are so many ways to be involved.  Volunteering in your child's classroom to help with centers, material prep, copies, reading, grading homework, driving on fieldtrips, or even class parties, all helps enrich your child's experience here at Cowan.  Getting involved with PTC events is another way you can volunteer.  Each PTC event needs a committee of parents dedicated to planning, prepping and making that event run smoothly, for the benefit of all those children attending.  It sounds like a lot of work to chair an event, and often it is.  Yet, it's so rewarding to see the smiles on the children's faces and the squeals of excitement as they enjoy your hard work.  If you don't feel ready or able to chair an event, every Chairperson needs a committee of willing parents.  These committees are made up of parents with differing abilities and time commitments. The bottom line is that we need YOU!  Please get involved, the smiles of the children are worth it!  Please contact us at 

Last Modified on October 8, 2020