• Employee Group Agreements Related to COVID-19 Pandemic


    Ensuring the safety and health of students and staff, as well as planning for the delivery of instruction and services, is a shared responsibility. The district and employee groups have been active throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to define working conditions and meet student needs. Below, you can find copies of official side letters of agreement (SLAs) which are currently active in relation to COVID-19 conditions between the district and employee groups. These documents help define our efforts, provide clarifications or in some cases temporarily modify existing contractual agreements. Should you have any questions, you should reach out to your employee group leadership or supervisor. 

    San Juan Teachers Association (SJTA)

    California School Employess Association (CSEA)

    San Juan Professional Educators Coalition (SJPEC)

    San Juan Supervisors Association (SJSA)



Last Modified on March 29, 2021