• IRIS (On District Network)
  • COVID-19 Reporting has moved to the COVID-19 Portal in IRIS

    Beginning Monday, Feb. 8, reports of COVID-19 symptoms, exposures and positive test results are completed through the COVID-19 Reporting Portal inside of IRIS. All site secretaries and administrators have access to file a report. 

    If you are not a site secretary or site administrator, please report the incident to your site administrator or department manager. They will ensure the report is completed in the COVID-19 Reporting Portal. 

    If you are a secretary, site administrator or manager, follow the steps below to complete a report: 



  • 1. Log in to https://portal.sanjuan.edu

  • 2. Click the IRIS tile.

  • 3. Click the "COVID-19 Portal" Link

  • 4. Select the "Report Incident" tab and complete the form.

Last Modified on March 17, 2021