September 16, 2021 LCAP PAC Meeting

  • The September 16 meeting of the Local Control Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee (LCAP PAC) has concluded. Video or audio recordings of meetings are available online. Please note, new recordings are typically posted several days to one week after a meeting occurs to allow for transcription services.  

    Zoom is an online meeting platform that will be used by the San Juan Unified School District Local Control Accountability Plan Parent Advisory Committee (LCAP PAC) during the current social distancing requirements. Those who wish to participate in the meeting will need an internet connection and device. Zoom is compatible with Windows and Apple computers, along with iPhones, iPads, Chromebooks and Android devices. The device must have working speakers to hear the meeting. A working microphone on the devices is necessary for those who wish to actively participate in the meeting via the Zoom platform. 

    Please note that if Zoom is not currently installed on a computer or device, Zoom will ask to download a small app to the computer or device. Please accept the install to continue to the Zoom meeting. Zoom will only need to install the app the first time a computer or device is used with Zoom. Mobile device users can install the Zoom app prior to a meeting by visiting their app store. ZOOM Cloud Meetings is the name of the app.


    Contact information for questions:


    Phone:  916-979-8567

Submitting Public Comment

  • There are two ways you can submit public comments for an LCAP PAC meeting held via the Zoom platform. All comments are subject to a 2-minute limit, approximately 300 words for written comments submitted via e-mail.

      • Submitted via email at any time to Comments submitted before 6 p.m. on the day of the meeting will be shared during the live meeting. Comments submitted after 6 p.m., including those submitted during the meeting may be read live during the meeting’s Public Comment portion. Comments may be submitted on an agenda item until that agenda item has been discussed. Please note that email delivery is dependent upon multiple providers systems and may sometimes experience short delays. Those wishing to offer comments via email are encouraged to submit their email as early as possible.

      • If participating in the meeting via Zoom - use the "raise your hand" feature and share a comment via audio during the meeting. When the LCAP PAC chair calls for public comment on an item, the meeting host will give instructions and invite participants who wish to speak to "raise their hand". The "raise hand" button can typically be found in the main toolbar at the bottom of the screen when using a mobile device or at the bottom of the participants' list when using a desktop or laptop device. You may need to click the "participants" button to display the participants’ list. Those who raise their hand will be called on. Your microphone will be unmuted and you will be provided with up to two minutes to provide a comment. 
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