Dual Enrollment with ARC

  • San Juan Unified and Mesa Verde High School have partnered up with American River College to provide access to college classes at Mesa Verde during the regular school day. Students who enroll and pass the dual-enrollment course will earn 10 credits towards their high school diploma AND 3 college credits that transfers to whichever college students choose to attend after high school. 

    Note: Students can take upto two Dual Enrollment classes each semester

    If you are interested in enrolling in a Dual Enrollment course, contact your School Counselor. Students who ultimately choose to enroll in a dual-enrollment course will need to:

    1. Enroll as an American River College student to attain a valid ARC student ID number


    2. Submit a signed parent permission form

    3. Have their School Counselor submit the student's name on the SJUSD interest form


    Available Spring 2022 Dual Enrollment Courses

    SOC 300- Introductory Sociology [High School Social Studies elective credit]

    This course the basic concepts of Sociology. It includes the study of institutions, culture, social organization, group interaction, social stratification, economy, politics, social movements, and urbanization.  CSU/UC Transferable. 

    HCD 310 - College Success

    This course covers the skills and knowledge necessary for college success, as well as personal issues that are commonly encountered by many college students. Topics include motivation, self-discipline, learning styles, memory development, time management, communication skills, goal-setting, career planning, study skills and techniques, and critical thinking skills. Campus resources, college regulations, and information competency are also addressed. This course is highly recommended for first time college students and/or continuing college students who would benefit.  CSU/UC Transferable.



    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Do you have to go to the ARC campus to take a dual enrollment course?

    Although Dual Enrollment classes are ARC college classes, they are completely asynchronous online courses. The expectation is that students work on their dual enrollment class in a "study hall" during one of their high school periods.



Last Modified on October 6, 2021