• This page of the DPM website takes the visitor to links that will interest, educate and amuse students and parents. Take a look at the opportunities that are online to further educate the Mustangs of Del Paso Manor!
    The following sites have an incredible amount of links that are based on subject, skill and standards. You should be able to find nearly anything you want on these sites!
    Math Links

    IXL math-numerous links per skill, per grade level

    Math Playground-math games, word problems, logic puzzles and videos

    AAAMath.com-online math practice by skill and grade level

    Dr. Math-answers all math questions. Pose your own question or examine the archives

    CoolMath.com-lessons, practice and games for older students

    Virtual Manipulatives-online manipulatives for all math topics in all grade levels
    Arcademic Math Skills-practice fluency with math facts in all four operations in grades 1-6
    Language Arts Links

    Starfall-a site for young readers

    Spelling City-practice your spelling words online

    Vocabulary Games-lots of fun ways to boost your vocabulary
    Crossword Puzzles-online crossword puzzles for grades 1-5
    Transport to Reading-many skill games on this site 

    Eduplace-the reading site that accompanies the district's reading series

    Lots of reading links!-this site has links to many language arts sites that are fun for kids
    Manythings.org-a site of online activities for students learning English
    Storyline Online-this site has many different books read aloud to students and all the pictures are shown too!
    Bitesize-many online reading skills
    Science Links
    Science Kids-this site has everything for science-videos, quizzes, games, experiments and more
    Extreme Science-this site has the "most" of everything in several science topics
    Greatest Engineering Feats of the 20th Century-this site has a comprehensive look at mankind's achievements of the 1900's
    How Stuff Works-the website which accompanies the popular book
    The Science Explorer-lots of experiments kids can do at home
    Skateboarding-ever think about the physics of skateboarding? This site will show you the science involved in skateboarding
    Volcanoes-an interactive site where students can learn how volcanoes work
    See how much you weigh on other planets-calculate your weight in other parts of our solar system
    Try Science-interactive experiments, field trips and adventures
    Make science toys at home-this site has instructions on how to make toys and tells the science behind them

    Miscellaneous Links

    PBS Kids-games, videos and activities for all kids

    Animal Planet-pets, wild animals, videos and games

    Discovery Kids-the Discovery Channel online for kids

    National Geographic for Kids-everything that National Geographic offers but for kids

    Time for Kids-Time Magazine with current events for kids

    Fact Monster-this site has information on everything!

    Neo K12-lots of great videos, lessons and games for kids in grades K-12

    Funbrain-all types of educational fun in all subjects for all grades

    Mr.Nussbaum.com-this site has every subject for every kid, and it's fun, too!

    Ask a Tech Teacher-this site has hundreds of links organized by grade level

    Website Links for Kids-looking for all subjects in all grade levels? This site has it!

    Kids Know it Network-this site has a little bit of everything and many interactive links

    Learning is Fun-online interactive games and activities for kids

    ABCYA-lots of interactive activities for grades K-5

    Gamequarium-anything you want, this site has it for all grades

    Learning Games for Kids-lots of choices for kids of all ages and all subjects
    Mindmeister-pathways to a great many websites for kids in all subjects
    Interactive Websites in all subjects-this site has 100's of interactive sites on all topics

    Phil Tulga, Music Through the Curriculum-lots of interactive links for students of all ages

    That Quiz-take practice quizzes on all subjects at all levels
    Kids.gov-interactive games in all subjects for kids in grades 1-5 (there is a link for grades 6-8 as well)
Last Modified on March 10, 2021