• President-

    The President will preside over all Cowan Parent Teacher Club meetings and have general supervision over its affairs, and shall, with the cooperation of the Executive Board, conduct all emergency matters affecting this club.  The President is a non-voting member. 

    Vice President-

    The Vice President assists the President and shall act for, and in place of, the President at the request of or during the President’s absence.  The Vice President oversees and helps where needed.  


    The Treasurer is the custodian of the funds of the Cowan Parent Teacher Club.  The Treasurer pays all bills approved by the club or the Executive Board.  The Treasurer keeps a permanent record of all such paid bills and provides a financial report at each meeting of the club.  Receives and deposits all monies. Drafts a yearly budget.   
    The Secretary records and distributes minutes of PTC and Executive Board meetings.  Keeps copies of all minutes for the official record.  Creates an agenda for PTC meetings and Executive Board meetings.  Assists the Executive Board where needed.
Last Modified on May 6, 2021