• 2nd grade supply List – 2022-2023

    Welcome to Second Grade

    Please buy quality, well-made supplies. Certain brands really do last longer. These items will need to last the entire school year. Thank you!



    1. One inch binder with clear plastic pocket cover 
    2. One Pencil box
    3. Hand-held pencil sharpener with shavings cover 
    4. TWO one subject spiral notebooks
    5. 1 mead composition books
    6. 3 or 4 pack of glue sticks
    7. 1 pair of scissors
    8. 1 box 12 count Crayola colored pencils
    9. 1 Box of crayons
    10. 1 Box of markers
    11. 1 package of Expo markers
    12. 2 Astrobright printer paper (any color)
    13. 1 package of white printer paper
    14. 1 box of Kleenex
    15. Ruler
    16. Gallon sized Ziploc bags
    17. Sandwich sized Ziploc bags
    18. Quart Sized Ziploc Bags
    19. Ticonderoga Pencils (other brands break and splinter when sharpening)
    20. Dividers
    21. Extra supplies for needy students


    Thank you so much for your support!!!

    Mrs. Andino and Mr. Elliott

    * We recognize that many families wish to provide supplies for their own student or donate materials for the entire school community and are welcome to do so at any time. The supplies listed are suggested materials and are not required of any student or family to fully participate in the school’s academic program. All required materials and supplies will be provided by schools to students at no cost.