Sharing Voice

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    The voice of the students, families, staff members and the entire community is vital to the process of successfully moving to by-trustee area elections. There are several ways you can share your voice with members of the board throughout this process: 

    Attend a public hearing and provide comment

    Public hearings and/or comment sessions will be a part of each meeting of the board. Any individual can provide up to a two-minute comment by attending the meetings in person. You can also submit written comments either in person or online. Meetings related to the election transition are planned for: July 1, July 13 and July 27, 2021.

    Provide a comment for the final JULY 27 special meeting

    Public meetings to discuss

    The district held public meetings at multiple locations throughout the district on July 14 and 15. Participants had the opportunity to hear an overview of the process and how maps were developed, a chance to review each of the maps being considered and were invited to discuss and provide feedback that was shared with members of the board. An online option was also available for those who preferred to not attend in person. 

    Share thoughts anytime online

    As the final planned meeting of the board on this topic is occuring, the online comment form has been paused. If you have last minute comments or feedback to share, please use the board meeting comment link found above.