• Returning to Current School From Homeschool or Independent Study

    Providing families with a choice in learning models to fit their specific health, safety and instructional needs has been a priority for San Juan Unified throughout the pandemic. This year, the district’s primary alternative to in-person learning is independent study or homeschool due to new state legislation that makes offering distance learning more difficult. 

    We have heard from parents and guardians that not having a guaranteed ability to return students to their current school at a later date was a barrier for choosing the independent study or homeschool programs. We are happy to share that after considering parent and guardian feedback, we have been able to invest additional resources into school site staffing that make it possible to guarantee a return space to current school sites. 

    • Students enrolled in the district’s homeschool or independent study program are guaranteed the ability to return to their current school during this school year or for the start of the 2022-2023 year. 
    • Assignment to a specific teacher or the same schedule (for secondary students) will be attempted where possible but cannot be guaranteed. 
    • Movement between programs can cause a disruption to the flow of learning and families are strongly encouraged to minimize moves. 
    • This guarantee applies for this year only. Those who remain or select independent study or homeschool next year (2022-2023) are not guaranteed the ability to return to their current school. Students who enrolled in homeschool or independent study last year (2020-21) and remained enrolled this year (2021-2022) are also not eligible for a guaranteed return seat. 

    We do hope that this change will provide families with more certainty and allow them to make the best decision possible for their student’s learning and safety. If you have any questions, please contact our independent study or homeschool staff.

Last Modified on August 10, 2021