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  • Happy New Year and welcome 2022! Welcome back Mira Loma students and families to the beginning of Semester 2. Final grades for Semester 1 will be available at the end of the first or beginning of the second week of January in Q.  Students can celebrate their hard work coming back after the pandemic! If students need help with classes in 2nd semester, tutoring is available in the library each day during lunch and after school (with the exception of after school Thursday). We are very proud of our Mira Loma students. Counselors have met with almost all of the 10th graders to fill out their Naviance Course Planner. For those 10th graders who missed their appointment, we will be catching up with them in January and February. We will meet with each 9th and 11th grader to choose classes for 2022-2023 in February and March. At that time we will discuss Summer School options with them. 

    As you discuss course and program options, consider joining:

    • The Medical Assisting Program
    • The Cyber Security Program
    • The International Studies Program
    • The International Baccalaureate Program

    **Contact your counselor to find out more**

    Students can make appointments to meet with their counselor through their calendly link. Come to the counsleing office if they need help making an appoinmtent. Students can drop in to meet with their counselor everyday at lunch, at break, after school and before school. 

    We are wishing you all the safety and happiness in this new year!


  • Welcome EAOP to the Mira Loma Campus

    The Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP) is kicking off the 2021-2022 school year with the "College Connections" day. Fifteen UC Representatives will be speaking to students on the Mira Loma campus on Friday, October 22, starting by cheering on the students before school begins. UC Davis Chancellor, Gary May, will address all Mira Loma students at the end of 1st period through a virtual speech. A group of 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will sit with a panel of UC Davis students to learn about college and get excited about college. Seniors will eat lunch and listen to a speech by the UC Davis Executive Director. UC reps will visit eleven 10th and 11th grade classes to speak about attending and financing college. All students can engage with the EAOP representatives at lunch and join the program.

    Students (9-11) will have the opportunity to join EAOP. EAOP representatives will meet with students throughout the year to help them prepare for college. Mira Loma students should visit the counseling office if they are interested joining EAOP.

    Mira Loma is very excited to be chosen as an EAOP school.

  • Mira Loma Welcomes you all Back with New Staff

    The Mira Loma counseling staff have kicked off the 2021-2022 school year with some new additions and have revisited some old favorites. This year we are welcoming Dorie Baker, our new full-time Intervention Counselor. Dorie comes to us from Elk Grove USD and most recently St. Francis High School. She has 15 years of experience as a comprehensive counselor and we are already seeing the benefits of her expertise. The counseling team is working together to identify students who will benefit from more intensive school counseling services so they can meet their academic goals. If your child is struggling, please notify their assigned counselor (see below). Their assigned counselor will meet with your child to evaluate the best course of action and support. 

    Another amazing addition to the Mira Loma campus, are the Wellness Together therapists. Wellness Together partners together with schools to offer mental health services for students on campus during the school day. We are welcoming Frank Peace and Laura Dixon. They are on campus Tuesday through Friday. The counseling team is meeting with students, evaluating them and making referrals. If your child is struggling, contact your counselor (see below).

    Hannah Thompson, counselor for last names Rb-Z, is out of her office until January. Anna Romeo has taken her place for the semester. Anna has brought great energy to our office. Her background is with the community college system and a diverse high school experience. 

    Jeannine Hall, Sandra Stone and Michelle Magaña are still here. Call us old-timers. We are excited by the additions to our Mental Health team. We have more supports for students then we have ever had at Mira Loma. Our entire team is trained to support Mira Loma students with:  Social/Emotional Well-Being, Academic Goals, Career Goals.

    We have already been busy with Senior Night kick off on August 25. We will be meeting with all the 9th graders in their PE classrooms starting next week to introduce ourselves to them. We start our lunchtime meetings with Seniors next week to help them with their college admissions process. These meetings are for students who need a counselor letter of recommendation. We will be out in Senior classes doing presentations later in September to make sure all seniors have the information they need to make their next steps after high school. 

    Please be watching the College & Career Center updates about visitng colleges. Michelle Decker is working hard to organize the college visits.

    San Juan Unified is holding the 3rd Annual "COLLEGE WEEK". Please visit the to register for College Week events. 

    Our primary goal is the safety and well-being of all Mira Loma students. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are here for your family in this journey through high school. 

    Michelle Magaña (last names A-DA)

    Jeannine Hall (last names DB-LA)

    Sandra Stone (last names LB-RA)

    Anna Romeo (last names RB-Z)

Last Modified on January 4, 2022