• Encina Preparatory High School

    Parent Information Guide


    Important Phone Numbers



    Greta Scholtes, Principal



    Eliseo Millan, A-Z, Department Chair


    (916) 971-7547 (office)/(916) 245-0171 (Google Voice/text)

    Michele Speed, Vice Principal, A-L


    (916) 971-7546 (office)/(916) 850-0471 (Google Voice/text)

    Beth Hein Sanchez, M-Z


    (916) 971-7547 (office)/(916) 250-1487 (Google Voice/text)

    **Note Mrs. Hein Sanchez will be on leave until January 3rd

    Lori Sato, Vice Principal, M-Z


    (916) 971-7546 (office)/(916) 672-0670 (Google Voice/text)

    Bai Zhen, MTSS Counselor


    (916) 971-7547



    Phone Number


    Phone Number

    Main Office

    (916) 971-7538

    Push O to reach an operator

    Finance Office

    (916) 971-5887


    (Attendance Voice Mail)

    (916) 971-7550

    Principal’s Office

    (916) 971-5839


    (Early Dismissals Only)

    (916) 971-7542

    Student Activities Office

    (916) 971-7580

    Athletic Office

    (916) 971-5813

    Vice Principal’s Office

    (916) 971-7546

    Counseling Office

    (916) 971-7547




    Important Calendar Dates

    August 12

    First day of school & Minimum Day: 8:30am-1:55pm

    January 14

    Awards Rally

    August 13

    Minimum Day: 8:30am-1:55pm

    January 17

      No School

    September 2

    Minimum Day: 8:30am-1:55pm

    January 19

    12th Grade Pizza & Parents, 5:30pm, Library

    September 3

    Back to School Rally: 4th period

    February 2

    Pizza & Parents, 5:30pm, Library

    September 6

    No School

    February 4

    Progress 4 Grade Reports

    September 8

    Pizza & Parents: 5:30pm-6:30pm, Library

    February 21-25

    No School

    September 10

    Progress 1 Grade Reports

    March 15

    Minimum Day: 8:30am-1:55pm, Student Led Conferences

    September 15

    HBCU College Fair, Encina

    March 16

    Minimum Day: 8:30am-1:55pm, Student Led Conferences

    September 16

    College Fair, Rio Americano

    March 18

    Progress 5 Grade Reports

    No School

    October 5

    Minimum Day: 8:30am-1:55pm, Student Led Conferences

    March 21

    No School

    October 6

    Minimum Day: 8:30am-1:55pm, Student Led Conferences

    April 1

      Spring Rally, 4th period

    October 7

    Progress 2 Grade Reports

    April 11-15

    No School

    October 8

    No School

    April 29

    Progress 6 Grade Reports

    October 13

    PSAT: 10th & 11th grade

    10th & 11th grades: 8:30am  3:46pm

    9th & 12th grades: 11:10am-3:46pm

    May 18

    12th Grade Pizza & Parents, 5:30pm, Library

    October 22

    Homecoming Rally: 4th period

    May 20

    End of Year Rally, 4th period

    October 23

    Homecoming Game, 11:00am

    Homecoming Dance: 7:30pm-10:30pm, Small Gym

    May 25

    Senior Awards Night, 6:00pm, Cafeteria

    November 4

    Minimum Day: 8:30am-1:55pm

    May 27

    Senior Finals

    November 11 & 12

    No School

    May 31

    Senior Finals

    November 12

    Progress 3 Grade Reports

    June 1

    Senior Checkout

    November 22-26

    No School

    June 3


    December 16

    Odd Finals: 8:30am-3:15pm

    June 6

    Odd Finals: 8:30am-3:15pm

    December 17

    Even Finals: 8:30am-1:40pm

    June 7

    Even Finals: 8:30am-1:40pm & Semester 2 Ends

    December 20-

    January 3

    No School



    January 3

    Semester 1 Ends & Grades mailed on January 7




    Bell Schedules

    There are several different bell schedules at Encina.  For detailed information, go to the school website or app.  Below are start/end times for regular day and early release Thursday’s. 


    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:                8:30am-3:46pm (zero period begins at 7:32am)

    Thursday:                                                          8:30am-2:31pm (zero period begins at 7:42am)



    School Website:             www.sanjuan.edu/encina

    Counseling Website:      https://sites.google.com/sanjuan.edu/encinacounseling/home

    School App:                  Encina Preparatory High School (available in Apple App Store or Google Play Apps)

    Facebook:                    www.facebook.com/encinahs

    Instagram:                    @encinahighbulldogs


    Attendance Procedures

    Parents/Guardians have five (5) school days to clear their student’s absences. This can be done by sending a note, emailing EncinaAbsence@sanjuan.edu, using the San Juan Unified School District mobile app, or making a phone call to the Attendance Office. Office. Absences ONLY call (916) 971-7550 and leave a message, and for early Dismissals ONLY call (916) 971-7542.

    Please give the following information when leaving a telephone message, emailing, submitting via the Parent Portal, or writing a note:

    •                                 Name of person clearing the absence and relationship to student
    • Student’s first and last name (and the spelling of both)
    •                                 Date(s) of absence(s)
    • Give reason (e.g., ill, medical appointment, business appointment, )


    EXCUSED ABSENCES: Per the California Education Code


    Illness (up to 5 days or the period equivalent for illness unverified by a physician)

    Missed the bus

    Quarantine under the direction of a county or city health officer

    Out of town

    Medical, dental, optometry, or chiropractic services rendered. (A medical note from

    the doctor is required).

    Family Vacation

    Funeral --- One day is excused for funeral services within California; three days are excused for services out of state. This excused absence is for services for immediate family members only. Immediate family includes parent, step-parent, grandparent,

    sibling (including step-sibling), and any relative residing in the house.

    Any illness other than the student’s illness

    Court appearance (visual documentation required)

    Accompany parent to a parent’s appointment

    Observance of a holiday or ceremony of the student’s religion



    If a student, parent, or guardian notices an error to the attendance record, the student has 5 has five days to make those changes. They should immediately:

        Get a correction form from the Attendance Office.

        Have the teacher complete the correction form.

        Turn the correction form in to the Attendance Office.


    Parent Portal

    Website:                        https://sis.sanjuan.edu/parentportal



Last Modified on August 14, 2021