• COVID-19 Employee Vaccine Verification System

    The district is utilizing an internal system known as Verify COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing to verify employee vaccination status. This system is ONLY for employees and must be accessed using district login credentials. 

    The system allows employees to: 

    • Verify their vaccination status
    • Provide proof of weekly testing, if required

    Employees who initially answer no to being vaccinated but later become vaccinated can return to the system at any time to change their vaccination status. 

    The system is built with privacy in mind. Only a small team working to implement the state health order has access to the information inside the system. Supervisors and other managers do not have access to the system or an employee's vaccination status. The information collected is used only to meet the requirements of the state health order and not for any other purpose. 

    Accessing the system

    The system is accessible from any device with a modern web browser. 

    Log in to https://portal.sanjuan.edu and locate the Verify COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing icon. You'll be prompted to log in a second time. (Note: Usernames for portal.sanjuan.edu are the full email address of an employee. The username for other systems, including Verify COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing, is just the first part of the email address before the @ symbol. For example, joe.smith@sanjuan.edu would be used to log in to portal.sanjuan.edu while just joe.smith would be used to log in to Verify COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing.) 

    Verifying Vaccination Status

    Once logged into Verify COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing simply select "Verify Your Vaccination Status" from the main menu and follow the prompts. Employees are asked to indicate if they meet the definition of being fully vaccinated. If yes, they will be prompted to enter the date of their last dose and upload a copy of their vaccination record. The record upload is required as self-attestation is no longer permitted. (See types of records accepted.). Submissions will be reviewed and employees will receive an email confirming their approval. 

    If an employee indicates they are not vaccinated, they'll be provided information on the weekly testing requirement and are not asked to provide any additional information. 

    Detailed step-by-step instructions on verifying vaccination status can be found here

    Confirming Weekly Testing

    Employees who must complete weekly testing to meet the health order's requirements need to return to the Verify COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing system each week to confirm their test. Once logged into Verify COVID-19 Vaccination/Testing, employees select "Confirm Your Weekly Test Result" from the main menu. Employees are prompted to indicate where they received their weekly test, what day the test was administered, confirm the result, and upload a copy of the test report. 

    Employees can find more information about where to test in the FAQs

    Detailed step-by-step instructions on confirming weekly test results can be found here

    Questions or Help Requests

    Employees can also submit questions or requests for help from within the system by selecting the "Submit a Question or Help Request" item from the main menu. 

Last Modified on September 27, 2021