Graduation will take place on Friday, June 2, 2023 at 3pm

    Student rehearsal, Friday June 2, 2023 at 10:30am

    Location: Memorial Auditorium

    1515 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814


    All Seniors will receive 5 tickets to graduation each. 


    Please plan ahead for entrance requirements for graduates and guests:

    • Bags: We will be requiring all bags to be 6”x 8”x1” or smaller, clear bags must be 12”x12”x6” and smaller. This will assist with the intake of staff, faculty, students, and guests.  
    • Metal Detectors: Everyone will be required to go through a metal detector. All students should be directed to the front of the building for this.  
    • Ticket information will be sent out at a later date. 


    Graduation is a formal ceremony. Graduates' behavior is a direct reflection of themselves, their school, and their families. Graduation robes signify class unity. The ceremony is the Governing Board’s forum to represent the community honoring the graduates of Rio Americano High School. Therefore, all graduates are expected to behave in a manner that respects the formality of the ceremony. Any behavior that draws undue attention to an individual or individuals is not acceptable. Noisemakers or similar inappropriate distractions are strictly forbidden and may result in removal from the ceremony.

    ● Students are advised to park in one of the several parking garages near the Auditorium. There is limited metered parking on streets, however there is a two hour parking limit and graduates will not be able to feed the parking meter once practice has begun.

    ● We advise students not to bring anything to the ceremony that needs safekeeping, such as girls’ purses, since we cannot be responsible for storing or checking items. No flowers, leis, or balloons are allowed in the Auditorium and may not be worn or carried by graduates. We will not be responsible for flowers, etc. being left in the foyer of the Auditorium.

    ● All graduates are to dress appropriately for this formal ceremony. All graduates must wear the sanctioned cap and gown during the ceremony. Adorning of caps and gowns is prohibited. Each graduate will be checked at entry for proper attire. Graduation is a formal event and flip-flops, shorts or other casual clothes are not appropriate for the occasion and will not be permitted. Students not dressed to these expectations will not be allowed to participate in the ceremony. Any additional honors, medallions, etc. must be pre-approved by the school to be worn in the graduation ceremony.

    ● Graduates will receive their diploma by reporting to the basement of the Auditorium after the ceremony. Staff will be present to distribute the diplomas.

    ● After picking up their diplomas, graduates may greet their families and friends outside of the Memorial Auditorium



    Follow the link below for information regarding placing your order for Cap & Gown, Graduation Announcements, Class Rings etc. 

    Jostens Link

    or scan this QR Code

    QR Code Jostens

  • Class of 2023 Senior Portraits.

    All Seniors will need to be photographed by Bill Smith Photography in order to appear in the yearbook. Schedule your session at our temporary Sacramento studio today by going to: 


    or by calling our Customer Service Department at 916-749-1026 and select option 1.

    Our temporary Sacramento studio is located at:

    5491 Carlson Drive

    Sacramento, CA 95819

  • Senior Quote Deadline 

    February 13, 2023


    Submit your quote for the yearbook HERE

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    Seniors! Check your emails for a flyer with all the details for this FUN EVENT on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at Golfland Sunsplash! 
    This event is put on by Parent volunteers, so Chaperones will be needed- if you’re interested in chaperoning please reach out to Veronica Guzman at missveroguzman@gmail.com! 

    Thank you to all the Parents on the PTSA Senior Events Committee and PTSA for helping make this event happen for our Senior Class! Remember to stay up to date on our Instagram and Facebook page @RioAmericanoPTSA!

  • Class of 2023 Important Dates

Class of 2024 Important Dates

    Truancy Policy

    Any absence from school for one or more periods, or a partial period, without consent of parent(s) or guardian and without prior permission from school, is a truancy. A student tardy to any period in excess of 30 minutes will also be considered truant and must be cleared through the Attendance Office. Students should check their individual attendance profile by logging on Q.

    If a student notices an error, they should immediately get a correction form from the Attendance Office, have the teacher correct the error and turn the form in to the Attendance Office.

    Seniors who accumulate 36 or more periods of truancy (or 30 if a student has an open period) during the school year, will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony and placed on social probation for the remainder of the school year. Seniors enrolled after the 1st semester and mid-year graduates will not participate in the graduation ceremony if they accumulate 18 or more periods of truancy (or 15 if a student has an open period).


    School/District Policy

    All RAHS and codes and policies will be enforced during the senior activities. The Graduation ceremony and activities are The Class of 2023 events. These activities are not intended to draw attention to any one individual or group. Proper behavior is expected at all times. Any violations of RAHS policies may result in exclusion from some or all senior activities.

    Dress Code

    Dress code policy will be in effect for all activities. Each senior activity may have special dress code conditions. Please refer to the information included in the description of each activity for special dress code. For any questions regarding appropriate dress, please contact your Vice Principal.

    Discipline Obligations

    All seniors must be in good standing to participate in graduation practices, activities, and the ceremony. Seniors must not be on social probation or have any unresolved discipline issues as of May 30.

    Senior Financial Obligations

    The last day to pay financial obligations is May 30 before senior checkout. More details on how to pay for fines will be provided in the Spring meeting.

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