• Eligibility for Benefits

    Employees may enroll in the District's group medical, dental, vision, and life insurance plans once they meet one of the following employment statuses:

    •  An individual becomes an active certificated contracted employee.
    •  An individual becomes an active classified employee who works a regular position assignment 20 hours or more a week.
    •  An individual becomes an active classified employee who works a "Limited term" position working 20 hours or more with a duration of six months or more.

    Eligible family members include:

    • Employee's spouse or domestic partner registered with the Secretary of State
    • Employee's children up to age 26 for medical, Delta Care HMO, and vision; age 24 for Delta Dental PPO; age 21 for dependent life insurance; or if full-time student up to 25 (includes biological, adopted, stepchildren or for whom you are required to provide coverage as the result of a qualified medical child support order.
    • Children up to the age of 18 for whom the employee or employee's spouse is the court appointed guardian.
    • Children aged 26 or older with a disabled condition that occurred before reaching the age limit for dependents for whom the employee or employee's spouse provides 50% or more of their support or maintenance.(must be approved by carrier)

    How to Enroll

    Newly benefit eligible employees will receive an email from the benefits office once the employee has been set up on the benefit enrollment platform.

    1.  Employees need to complete a certificate of understanding acknowledging receipt of the benefit guide book and their understanding of their enrollment rights.  This certification form must be returned to benefitshelpdesk@sanjuan.edu within 30 days of starting their position.

    2.  Employees may enroll through the self-enrollment process by following the instructions here.  If the employee prefers assistance with their enrollment, they may schedule a virtual appointment or in-person session at www.americanfidelity.com/sanjuan or call 1-800-365-8306, ext 7 to schedule their one-on-one session with an American Fidelity enrollment specialist.  Appointments typically take 30 to 45 minutes.

    Enrollment Resources

    Employee Benefits Overview Presentation

    Employee Benefits Guidebook

    Premium Cost Schedules




Last Modified on November 5, 2022