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    Thank you so much for taking the time to search for this very important information. You are amazing!

    The expectations for TK and Kinder are very similar with slight differences in depth of content. Each child comes to school with his/her own strengths and needs. We take each child where they are and lift them higher. Together, we can help your child soar!



    End of the Year Expectations

    Reading: Recognize and write all 52 letters (+2 more – fancy a and g ) and know the sound of each

    Short and long vowel sounds of vowels: a, e, i, o, and u (/a/ as in apple, /e/ as in elephant, /i/ as in insect,

    /o/ as in octopus, /u/ as in under; the long vowel sounds say their name.  /a/ as in acorn

    Be able to decode (sound out) 2 or 3 letter words, word play (“cat” – take away c, what’s left?)

    Recognize 35 – 70+ high frequency words (sight words) Ex.  the, to, of, happy. Read at Level D

    Recognize and produce rhyming words

    Isolate beginning, ending and medial sounds (CVC words, ex. man, top, sit)

    Concepts of Print: front cover, title, author, letter, word, direction, punctuation



    End of the Year Expectations



    Write! Write! Write! Just putting pencil (crayon, marker, chalk) to paper to color, draw lines, etc.

    strengthens fine motor skills.

    Pencil grip is important! Start them off right by showing how to use a tripod grip

    Check out this link:


    How to Hold a Pencil


    Your child is expected to be able to write their name using an initial uppercase letter and the rest


    Letters and numbers should always start from the top.

    Your child needs to be able to use the sounds of letters to write simple words. Inventive spelling is ok! A

    better response to “How to spell it?” is – “Use your sounds – give it a try”



    New Math Expectations

    “Cast Far!” Mr. Mike


    Be able to count orally 100

    Count, recognize and write numerals to 30

    Add and subtract numbers below ten

    Construct and deconstruct numbers

    Subitize numbers (3 – 7) Be able to tell a number and 1 more, 2 more

    Use mental math to solve problems: Ex. Doubles, greater, fewer

    Recognize and be able to name both plain (square) and solid (cube) shapes

    Understand positional words: right, left, above, below, middle




    We are very excited about science!


    TK Modules:         

    Senses Safari, How to Build a Human, Ultimate Game Day*

    Weather Explorers*, Life on a Farm*, Ocean Deep


    Kindergarten Modules:

    My Big Adventure: Plant and Animal Needs*

    Marble Run Engineer: Pushes and Pulls*

    Be Prepared: Weather Patterns*

    I Can:  Animals and Plants Can Change Their Environment


    Modules that are similar for both TK and Kindergarten with marked with an asterisk.)



    Items from home / Share Time



    All items must stay at home unless specifically requested ! !

    If a toy is brought accidently to school, it will need to stay in their


    Please label your child’s name on anything near and dear.


    However, since oral language is so important, each child will have a turn to

    share (talk about) something he/she brings from home when they are our

    Star of theWeek!



    Super Star of the Week


    One week for everyone!

    A special poster will be sent home for you and your child to decorate


    together, as well as...


    TK Kids: Llama Llama and his own backpack

    Kindergarten Kids: Skippyjon Jones and his own backpack


    These special mascots will go home on Monday. Please return them to


    school on Thursday, along with his journal and books. Please help


    your child write one or two sentences and/or draw pictures on the next page

    in the journal to tell about their adventures. Please keep the journal safe in

    the special backpack, away from little sister or brother's hands.


    The Tell All About Box will also go home on Monday. It should be

    returned to school on Tuesday with the item your child wants to talk about

    inside the box.

    Look for a note inside the box for you to use as a guide.



    Scholastic Book Orders/Library Day


        Book order forms will be sent home periodically, at least 4 times a year.

    Books encourage a lifelong love of reading!

    The date the order is due is on each packet.

    Order online!  It is so easy.

    If you are ordering for a special occasion (birthday/holidays) please indicate on the envelope and order

    form and I will put the books/items in a stapled paper bag.


    Our class gets points through your orders to exchange for classroom books. Thank you for your



    Our library day is Thursday. Please keep your child’s library book in a safe spot, away from curious

    puppies or small siblings. The best spot, when not reading, is in your child’s backpack for easy return

    on the next Thursday.




      It’s going to be a great adventure!


    Can you be a hero and help us?

    This year we CAN have volunteers in the classroom. Sign up now and you’ll be good to go for the entire time your child is at Coyle.

    We would love to have weekly, monthly or special event/holiday adults who can be at a reading or math center or help with a special art or science activity.

    You can do it!!  Go to the Parent Portal and click on the Volunteer Link. Thank you so much for all you do! 





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