• AP Exam Payment: Block 2

    Paying for AP Exams is done online! Payment plans available, freedom to use credit cards or checks, and no waiting in line! 

    Where: Total Registration https://user.totalregistration.net/AP/50587  (link on our website, too).

    When: January 10th through March 8th, 2023 for Block 2. The payment window closes on 3/8/23. 

    Cost: $102 ($150 for Research and Seminar). If you qualify, apply for fee waivers while signing up. 

    Next: Register for your exams through MYAP at College Board!

    Questions: Ask your AP teacher or contact Ms. Chino Mendoza at erica.chinomendoza@sanjuan.edu for additional information.

    The Fine Print: This is the place to pay for AP Exams. You must register with College Board. Get your join code when you pay or from your AP teacher. Accurate registration and payment are the sole responsibility of the student/family. Exams cannot be ordered after March 8, 2023. Refunds are processed through Total Registration, not El Camino. Paying for an exam does not complete the registration process which only happens through College Board. Registering with College Board is the only way to sign up for AP Exams.