Property Management

  • Planning and Property Management


    Mission Statement

    To support the district's need for safe, quality, energy efficient facilities for all students and staff based upon accurate planning reports. To ensure the conservation of all resources as well as maintain and develop strong community relations.  
    • Assists with demographic studies of students and the compiling of demographic profiles for the planning of school building facilities.
    • Coordinates the district's energy and sustainability programs.
    • Coordinates the district's use of public buildings for school related purposes.
    • Makes recommendations for the purchase of real estate and/or buildings for use as school sites.
    • Meets and confers with other planning agencies and private land developers about site and school building planning. 


    • Develop accurate reports to assure adequate and safe school housing, meet budget and staffing requirements, and meet long and short-range district needs and goals.
    • Maintain positive community/district relations.
    • Provide leased spaces to meet district needs.
    • Achieve and maintain the highest level of energy efficiency, promote resource conservation, and reduce costs at all district sites.
    • Educate and involve employees, students, and the community in energy and resource conservation and to gain commitment and support.
    • Measure school capacities and energy savings, analyze data and prepare reports on a regular basis.
    • Work effectively with all departments within the facilities organization. 
    Areas of Responsibility


    • Energy Management and Resource Conservation
    • Environmental Studies
    • Lease Negotiations and Management
    • Contract Management
    • Use of Facilities
    • Developer Fees
    • School Boundaries
    • School Directory Listing
    • Real Property Management
    • Square Footage Reporting
    • State Reuse Reporting
    • Processing of Easements
    • Processing of Right of Entry Agreements
    • Joint Use Agreements
    • Assist in the Disposition of District Property Process
    • Utility Budget
    • Enrollment Projections
    • Compilation of Room Utilization and Capacity Report
    • Rebates
    • Cell Towers

Office Hours

  • Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m (excluding holidays).

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Last Modified on November 13, 2017