Badges Contractor/Consultant

  • HOLIDAY NOTE: The San Juan Unified Use of Facilities office will be closed from Dec. 21 to Jan. 3, and will re-open Jan. 4 for appointments and dropbox only.

    Important Notice

    All contractors/consultants that need badges should submit their forms by email to

    • All forms must be filled out completely and signed. If the forms are not complete, we are unable to process the badges. Items that must be received:
      • Badge Certifcation Form filled out by the companies custodial of record, complete with names of employees of the company who are DOJ cleared and whom will be working on the site. Also note if sub badges are needed. Twenty (20) sub badges are premitted per phote badge.
      • A Badge Checkout Form completed by the employee who is receiving a picture badge.
    • All documents must be sent together in one email, per project.
    • Project badges require the start and end date, project number, and PO (contract) number on the Badge Certifcation and Badge Checkout Forms.
    • We will process badges weekly. Once the badges are ready an email will be sent to the company with the total cost. 
    • Badge pickup should be done by one person and appointments are required. 
    • One check should be brought in for all badges.

    Questions & Answers

    • Q: What if somebody hasn't had a picture badge previously and doesn't have a picture in the our system?
      • A: An appointment will be setup for a picture to be taken.
    • Q: What if we don't have an ORI number?
      • A: See the directions on the district website below.
    • Q: How much does a badge cost?
      • A: $5.00 for each badge.
    • Q: What if we lost a badge?
      • A: The cost is $100.00 per badge.
    • Q: What if my badge expires and we are still working on the project?
      • A: A change order or amendment on the contract schedule is required and should be submitted for additional badges. No badge paperwork is needed, but we will need proof of the changed dates and each badge will cost $5.00. The old badge will need to be turned in for the new badge.
    • Q: What is the differance between a 3 year badge and a badge by contract date?
      • A: A 3 year badge has been set by district staff. Some company's have 3 year contracts with us and would be considered for a 3 year badge.
    • Q: What if we are working on more than one project or site?
      • A: Badges are done by contracts/sites. If a contract has more than one stie we will list 4-6 sites on a badge depending on the title of the school. You might have to get 2 badges. All badges will be per contract. 


    NOTICE: New Badge Color & Expiration Process. Please review details by clicking here. 
    Contractors/Consultants and their employees must check-in at the site office and wear district-issued badges at all times.  If you or your employee(s) are not wearing a district-issued badge, that person will be asked to leave the site. 


    If you do not have an ORI number from DOJ 

    Click here to access the Department of Justice website for the required Livescan (Fingerprinting) forms and procedures. Click on the packet titled "School Contractor Employers"* or “Youth Organizations or Human Resource Agencies”. This form must be completed and filed with the DOJ to be processed.
    *The “School Contractor Employers” packet requires a School District Signature on page 5. Please visit the Facilities Business Department or ask your CM Firm for this page.

    Contact Information 

    The Contractor Badge office is located at:
    Facilities Business Department
    5320 Hemlock Street
    Sacramento, CA 95841
    (916) 979-8616 or (916) 979-8629
    8-11:30 a.m. & 1-4 p.m., Monday-Thursday

    Payment & Checkout/Return Policy

    Badges are $5.00* each.
    All badges must be returned to the Construction Department upon completion of the project or badge expiration date whichever is sooner.  Once the bulk of project work is done numbered badges are to be returned. 
    A $100.00* fee will be charged for each badge not returned to the District prior to June or on June 30th of that fiscal year (fiscal year = 7/1-6/30).  This may be paid directly by the contractor or withheld from the retention/final payment.   
    *Exact change required if paying with cash.Checks may be made out to San Juan Unified School District.
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