This document is designed to acquaint you with the procedures governing the purchase of products and services by the San Juan Unified School District and to explain the standard terms and conditions applicable to the procurement process.
    The purchasing department has the overall responsibility for the procurement of products and services for the school district.
    The Purchasing Department staff wishes to cultivate and maintain professional relationships with all vendors and continue to increase our knowledge of products and equipment available. We encourage all salespeople wishing to do business with the district or its schools to visit with the purchasing department instead of the schools.  They are very busy with the education of children and would appreciate you not taking up their limited time with sales calls.
    NOTE: For all construction, M&O, Custodial, and Transportation RFP/RFQ/Bids, Please go to Facilities RFP/RFQ/Bid/Award page.

    New vendors seeking to do business with the San Juan Unified School District should submit a line card and information to:
        San Juan Unified School District, Attn: Purchasing
        5133 Engle Road
        Carmichael, CA 95608
    This information will be placed in a temporary file based upon the products or services offered by the vendor.
    When bids are needed for that product or service, the vendor’s name may be added to the list of vendors notified of bid.  Should the vendor be successful in the bidding process, the vendor will be added to the district’s data base.  A copy of your W9 Form will be required at that time.

    The SJUSD’s primary means of making purchases is by a Purchase Order.  If the vendor does not receive a purchase order, they should contact the purchasing department prior to proceeding with the request.
    Orders accepted by the vendor without the issuance of a purchase order by the Purchasing Department will be considered the responsibility of the individual placing the order and will not be considered an obligation of the District.  It is therefore, important to contact the Purchasing Department regarding any orders placed by other District personnel prior to acceptance of the order.

    We encourage vendors to utilize the district’s website to monitor district procurement needs.  This site lists all of the Purchasing department’s current request for bids and proposals.   Questions regarding this system can be directed to (916) 971-5340.

    Vendors are encouraged to submit bids/offers for each Request for Quotation (RFQ),  Bid, or Request for Proposal (RFP) that they can supply in accordance with the specifications, terms, and conditions stated in the RFQ/Bid/RFP. Responders should carefully read the entire solicitation. Questions should be addressed to only those individuals listed on the bid/proposal document.
    The bid or proposal must be signed by an authorized representative. Bids and RFPs bids and offers must be submitted in a sealed envelope or box with the Bid or RFP number and closing date listed on the outside. RFQs may be faxed or emailed to the requesting buyer, but Bids & RFPs must be mailed or delivered to the address noted on the bid/proposal.
    It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that a bid or proposal is received by the purchasing department prior to the time and date specified.
    Bids and proposals may be withdrawn prior to the bid/proposal opening time and date. Unless withdrawn, all submitted bids and proposals become the property of the District. Bids and proposals must be firm for a minimum of 30 days, unless otherwise provided for in the Bid or RFP.

    Below is a checklist to use when preparing a formal bid or proposal. The list includes common errors made by bidders and offers responding to RFQs, Bids and RFPs. Please note that these instructions do not contain all applicable requirements and a careful reading of the RFQ, Bid and RFP is critical.
    • Review all standard terms and conditions
    • Properly identify mailing envelope or box
    • Sign your bid or offer on the front page or elsewhere as indicated
    • Initial any bid or offer changes you make
    • Submit bid security (if requested)
    • Include literature (if requested)
    • Review and complete all listed requirements
    • Cost of goods or service to include F.O.B. destination (Ship t address) Freight prepaid
    • Acknowledgment of Addendum(s) (if any)


    Education Code section 45125.1 requires that responder will certify that, pursuant to Education Code Section 45125.1 Responder will have conducted the required criminal background check of all its employees who may have contact with District pupils or unsupervised access to any District campus and shall certify that none of those employees have been reported by the Department of Justice as having been convicted of a serious or violent felony as specified in Penal Code Sections 667.5(C) and/or 1192.7(C). Upon verification from the Department of Justice that those persons fingerprinted have no record of a serious violent felony. The Responder will so certify by signing and submitting to the Governing Board of District the certification form attached.
    Failure to comply with these terms, or permitting unsupervised access by an employee whose name has not been cleared by the DOJ as certified by the Responder shall constitute for termination of this Agreement.
    Fingerprint certification requires that the vendor obtains an ORI number from DOJ.
    Click here to access the Department of Justice website for the required Livescans (Fingerprinting) forms and procedures. A PDF packed titled "School Contractor Employers" by clicking "Forms" on the right side of the screen. This form must be completed and filed with the DOJ to be processed.
Last Modified on December 19, 2018