Why choose Del Paso Manor for your gifted child?


    Research on gifted children indicates:

    • When gifted students are with their peers, their social and emotional growth and intellect thrive.

    • Gifted students need opportunities to be together with their intellectual peers, no matter what their age differences.

    • In the lower, rather than the upper grades, placement with chronological peers, without regard to intellectual ability or emotional maturity, is more likely to result in the gifted child experiencing loneliness or social isolation.

    • Individuals have the basic need to belong or to be able to relate to someone who is like him- or herself. When children are involved intellectually, emotionally, or artistically with others who think and act as they do, this need is generally met.

    • Students placed in classes with those of lesser ability develop feelings of isolation, frustration and withdrawal. The farther the children are from the mean of the bell-shaped curve, the more of themselves they must stifle or give up to fit in with the rest of the population.

    • The culture and values of the school and community will also impact whether a gifted child or adolescent feels invited to participate as a positive contributing member.

    Del Paso Manor’s staff follows research-based strategies, and we provide an environment where gifted kids are allowed to flourish.


    Use the links below to see information on the structure of the Del Paso Manor Rapid Learner Program.

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Last Modified on July 5, 2014