Articulation of the Rapid Learner Program

  • Because our RL students are a fairly homogenous group from one year to the next, RL teachers are able to communicate specifically about the program, the curriculum, and the students.  The RL team articulates the curriculum vertically (from one grade to the next), so that 5th grade teacher is familiar with the foundations cast by the 2nd-4th grade teachers, resulting in less repetition, more depth, and added complexity. We are able to build a program of growth from grade to grade and challenge a class where it needs challenging, but also assist a class in areas of need. Thus, the curriculum is tailored to the strengths and needs of each class due to the articulation of needs by the RL team.

    Our common understanding of how our students learn provides the team frequent opportunities to discuss student needs, trends, and development specific to each individual student, thus allowing the teachers to problem solve student and community issues as a team and modify the program as it develops. Each student benefits from this articulation as the RL team communicates with one another about the needs of the students. Because the RL team is  trained to work with advanced and accelerated students, we are able to capitalize on the expertise we each have in working with all the students in the RL Program.

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Last Modified on March 12, 2020