Attributes of Advanced and Successful Rapid Learner Children

  • Advanced Children:

    • Think logically
    • Easily grasp concepts
    • Can deal with abstractions
    • See relationships and patterns
    • Are highly inquisitive
    • Have command of a large vocabulary
    • Concentrate for long periods of tiime
    • Have high energy, are alert and eager
    • Are creative and inventive
    • Have an evolved sense of fairness
    • Possess a well developed sense of humor
    • Possess leadership skills
    • Are sensitive to feelings and expectations of self and others

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    Successful Rapid Learner Children:

    • Are ready to learn
    • Work independently
    • Are curious and committed to learning
    • Are prepared daily
    • Have parental support
    • Are responsible
    • Are self-directed
    • Produce insightful and imaginative ideas
    • Create products with depth
    • Put forth their best effort


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Last Modified on March 12, 2020