Highlights of the Rapid Learner Program

    • Teachers have personal and professional experience with gifted children and are knowledgeable in creating appropriately challenging learning experiences.


    • The level of instruction and pacing is accelerated and enriched in math and language arts areas.


    • Classroom instruction is based on an understanding of the promtps of depth and complexity and activities are designed to address all styles of learning.


    • Questioning and discussion strategies are geared toward developing higher level thinking and creativity.


    • Students primarily read novels, not anthologies, and are engaged in literary analysis of the readings which includes the study of characterization, setting, plot, theme, mood, foreshadowing, symbolism, rising/falling action and climax.


    • The writing program is articulated from grade level to grade level and builds in complexity from year to year. Writing instruction is focused on genre, specifically narrative, expository and persuasive writing, and is integrated into all subject areas including literature, social studies and science.


    • In addition to instruction by a specialist, art, music, and drama are used in the classroom to illuminate particular curricular areas.


    • Technology serves as a tool to further the learning in science, social studies, mathematics and literature through specific instruction in website construction, word processing, spreadsheet, Internet research and video creation.


    • Numerous subjects are taught using simulations which are activities that simulate real-world situations, both past and present, and require students to utilize mathematical, literary, science, research and social skills.


    • Hands-on experimentation in science using the scientific method allows students to create their own learning.


    • Extensive field trips reinforce, extend and add depth to the curriculum.


    • Students are taught in an environment that emphasizes creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration and the students' learning experiences are based on the tenets of Constructivism.


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Last Modified on March 12, 2020