Guiding Principles and Expectations for the Rapid Learner Program

  • The Del Paso Manor Rapid Learner Program relies on the concepts of Constructivism to create the depth of learning that is developed in the students. Some of the guiding principles of Constructivism that are followed at Del Paso Manor include:
    • Human learning is constructed and learners build new knowledge on the foundation of previous learning.
    • Learning is active, not passive, and knowledge begins in doing.
    • Understanding is built step by step through active involvement.
    • Learning environments encourage thoughtful reflection on experience.
    • To create meaning, hands-on action and mental activities are blended to engage the mind and construct knowledge through a complete experience.
    • Open-ended questions are relied upon to promote extensive dialogue among students.
    • Knowledge creation is focused on the learner and not on the subject or lesson.
    • Instruction and teaching strategies are tailored to student responses and encourage students to analyze, interpret and predict information.

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    Homework in the Del Paso Manor Rapid Learner Program:
    • Reinforces and extends classroom experiences
    • Increases students' responsibility for their own learning
    • Extends learning, arouses curiosity and raises questions for further exploration
    • Involves parent support when requested
    • May require more than one day to complete
    • Is aligned with district time requirements

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Last Modified on June 28, 2014