Overnight Field Trips for Del Paso Manor's Rapid Learner Students

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    The Del Paso Manor Rapid Learner Program’s teachers utilize a teaching approach known as Constructivism. The Constructivist approach believes that students create their own knowledge from the experiences that they have. An important component to Constructivist theory is that the tasks that students undertake have real-world relevance. The creation of knowledge should be set in a child-centered environment that is interactive, inductive, and collaborative. Learning then becomes a dynamic process for the individual. Field trips, especially extended trips, are perfect tools to permit students to have real-world experiences that facilitate optimal knowledge formation.


    The field trips in Del Paso Manor’s program address the following tenets of Constructivism:

    dot icon   Learning is an active process and the learner uses sensory input to construct meaning.
    dot icon Learning happens in the mind, but often through the hands, thus activities which engage the mind as well as the hands are crucial.
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    Learning is a social activity and is connected to our interactions with others. Collaboration is an integral part of learning.
    dot icon Learning involves the students engaging with the world and extracting meaning from the experiences set up for the student.
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    Each grade level in Del Paso Manor’s Rapid Learner Program takes an overnight field trip. Please read about and view the photos associated with the Constructivist opportunities that the DPM R.L. students are able to enjoy through extended field trips.


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    Second Grade: Sharks in the Dark

    Sharks in the dark allows second graders to spend the night with the Sharks at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Shark Aquarists provide a great deal of information for the second graders who sleep in the "Shark Experience". What a great way to learn about sharks!

    Old looking drawing of Sutter's Fort on a hill with horses in the foreground


    Third Grade: Sutter's Fort ELP

    The third graders at DPM learn about California history, and what better way to learn about pioneers is there but to go back to the 1840's and live like one? After performing research on a pioneer in the classroom, the students become that person for a day at Sutter's Fort and live the life of a pioneer.

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    Fourth Grade: Monte Toyon

    The fourth graders at DPM spend four days and three nights tucked away in a redwood forest in Aptos, California. The students explore the redwoods, take a trip to the tide pools, hike at day and at night and learn a tremendous amount about the environment while having a great time with their peers.

    Logo of the Headlands Institute with a star, bird, lizard and bug outline


    Fifth Grade: Marin Headlands

    The fifth graders at DPM spend five days and four nights in Sausalito in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. The students learn earth and life sciences, study in the lab, hike to the Point Bonita Lighthouse, explore the Rodeo Pond and spend a day learning to boat. It's a great experience for any student!
    Click here to see photos of the Marin Headlands experience

    All field trips in the Del Paso Manor Rapid Learner Program are based on the Common Core State Standards and are an integral part of our enriched curriculum.

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Last Modified on March 12, 2020