Testimonials from Parents in the Rapid Learner Program

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    The parents of student in Del Paso Manor's Rapid Learner Program were asked to tell us about our program.
    The following is a sample of what they had to say. 
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    The RL program was the best program for our son. The enriched curriculum delivered by dedicated and talented teachers
    truly made for an amazing academic experience for our child.
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    The RL Program provided our children with a truly enriched education through its excellent and challenging curriculum
    and field trips that immersed them in the subject.
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    The kids have a chance to explore and learn in an academic environment that allows for creativity while challenging
    each child and developing their academic talents.
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    Being in a classroom with like-minded students and teachers who consistently went the extra distance to connect
    with the students helped my children thrive during their elementary years.
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    Besides the academic program, I believe it's a great opportunity for these kids to be together and learn from each
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    I loved the fact that projects were always expected to be done by the child and not the parents and therefore,
    projects were often completed in class.
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    The benefits of moving my children to RL went beyond the academics, although it was wonderful that they
    were no longer bored. As a parent, I appreciated the teachers' training in the social and emotional needs of
    gifted children! The integrated curriculum and field trips were enormously enriching and fun. Friendships
    came so easily in this environment. In RL the kids are in a setting in which their interests and style of play
    are the norm.
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Last Modified on December 18, 2016