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    The students in third through fifth grade were asked what made them happy to be part of Del Paso Manor's Rapid Learner Program. The following is a sample of what they had to say.

    Students in third grade said:

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    One thing I like about D.P.M is that the teachers are very nice and friendly to everyone and also make learning lots of fun. At D.P.M you can make so many new friends. I have enjoyed this school so much. I feel much happier. I think that D.P.M. is awesome.
    blue dot icon I like a lot of things in Rapid Learner. The first thing I like about R.L. is that we get to go to lots of field trips. My favorite is when we get to perform plays like "Character Matters" or "Prince and the Penguin." I like being challenged with what we do, especially "group solutions." Last, I like meeting new friends and still playing with the old friends. These are my favorite things we do in R.L.
    blue dot icon I like R.L. for many reasons. One is because before I came, everybody was jumping around and then we didn't have time to learn. Another is because I get to go on cool field trips and experience things I never thought I could. It feels like a journey where the fun doesn't stop. That's why I like R.L.
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    I like D.P.M.'s Rapid Learner Program because all the teachers are nice, the projects are amazing, people don't talk too much and the field trips rock! In math, if you don't understand something, the teachers will help you.
    blue dot icon   I like the awesome field trips. I think it is fun to do individual and group projects. I love poems, so Poem of the Month is very good. I like that we are very far in math, science, and spelling already. We started cursive. My teachers are very nice. We get to do  a lot of things that other classes don't get to do.



    Students in fourth grade said:

    blue dot icon I like the Rapid Learner Program because we can always do extra on almost every assignment. There are also fun simulations that are based on what we are learning in socials studies ("Gold Rush", "Traveling West on a Wagon.")
    blue dot icon I like the R.L. Program because it gives me a challenge. In a regular program it would be too easy. I've liked my teachers, and I have good friends. I am proud to be with other people my age who have advanced brains.
    blue dot icon I like the Rapid Learner Program because I'm never bored in class. Also, I like the R.L. Program because the teachers let you go further when you want to but help you if you need it. Finally, I like the Rapid Learner Program because of all the overnight field trips.
    blue dot icon I like the Rapid Learner Program because I have liked all of the teachers so far, I get to learn more things, and it is challenging, fun and just the right level for me.
    blue dot icon I like being in the R.L. Program because I am challenged, the kids and the teachers are nice, and I have fun! Also, it makes me feel more confident about getting into a good college!

    Students in fifth grade said:

    blue dot icon I think the teachers at D.P.M. were great. I have only been here in 4th and 5th grade, but it was clear that the teachers were amazing in the classroom. They had complete control of the room making the rules stern but fun. They've treated all students fairly and made most activities fun and educational.
    blue dot icon D.P.M.'s Rapid Learner Program is a lot of work, but it is worth it. The teachers make the extra work fun. There are also many fun field trips such as Westminster Woods and Sutter's Fort. So, in wrap up, the Rapid Learner Program is worth the time and energy. I enjoy it a lot.
    blue dot icon I like being in the Rapid Learner Program because you get to be with the same group of kids every year. Developing bonds between people is easier when familiarity increases. Also, a higher curriculum is taught since the students in R.L. are quicker learners. I think R.L. has given lots of benefits to me.

    blue dot icon Del Paso Manor's R.L. Program is a very beneficial educational program. The R.L. Program includes high-level information, teachers who accept any questions and are happy to help children with their studies. The R.L. activities are very fun and very beneficial. Joining  the R.L. Program is a good choice.
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    The Rapid Learner Program provides me with great experiences, more field trips, and a faster learning system. It keeps me challenged and yet, happy.
    blue dot icon I like the amount of pressure in the Rapid Learner Program. The homework is reasonable to do. The amount of projects is hard, but you get enough time to do them. The Rapid Learner field trips are very good. You can make really good friends in Rapid Learner. Sometimes we get fun group projects. The Rapid Learner Program is a good program for kids.

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Last Modified on March 12, 2020