Program Support and Funding


    Parent support is a key component of the Rapid Learner Program. Parent participation may include working in the classrooms, chaperoning on field trips, taking part in the PTA, serving on the RLBC, Rapid Learner Booster Club.


    The Rapid Learner Program is funded by public education money, RLBC, and the Del Paso Manor PTA. RLBC is a nonprofit organization which financially supports the Rapid Learner Program at Del Paso Manor School through family contributions. The board of directors includes two parent representatives from each classroom who are elected annually by the parents. Monthly meetings are attended by at least one faculty representative. RLBC contributions pay for the enrichment programs, teacher training for the RL staff, field trip scholarships, technology in the classrooms, and discretionary funds to augment the curriculum used by the RL staff.

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Last Modified on March 12, 2020