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    Rapid Learner Booster Club
    RLBC does not represent the San Juan Unified School District (SJUSD) or Del Paso Manor (DPM) Elementary School. SJUSD accepts no liability or responsibility for RLBC.


    RLBC is an organization of Del Paso Manor (DPM) Rapid Learner (RL) parent volunteers and staff that exists solely to provide education enrichment, and advocate for DPM RL. No special funding is provided by the State or SJUSD for curriculum enrichment currently offered to DPM RL students.  Your contribution to RLBC provides for enrichment that distinguishes the DPM RL program. Contribution to RLBC is not required for enrollment in the program. All funds are raised through voluntary family contributions, and are administered by the RLBC Board of Directors with input from DPM RL staff and parents.


    We invite you to join us in supporting the DPM RL program. We encourage you to volunteer your time to RLBC as a board member, or by participating in monthly RLBC meetings held the third Thursday each month of the school year at 6 pm in the DPM library.   Thank you for your generosity!


    Your contributions to RLBC allow DPM RL to make available:
     blue icon  RL classroom funds typically used for special project materials, classroom libraries, and to fund class plays
     blue icon  Student computers in the classroom, including hardware, software, and printers
     blue icon Faculty training in gifted education and the integration of technology in the classroom
     blue icon  Support for field trips RL faculty select to enhance curriculum


    RLBC also maintains a Field Trip Account on behalf of DPM RL.


    The Field Trip Account is used for deposit of student field trip fees collected by RL teachers to facilitate payment of field trip costs on behalf of each DPM RL class. Field trips and their cost per student vary by grade level and year depending on RL faculty interpretation of curriculum needs. Please contact your classroom teacher for details about the field trip cost for your student. No student will be denied participation in a field trip due to lack of funds.

    When writing checks to RLBC, we kindly request that you write separate checks for curriculum contributions and field trip fees and indicate the name (Curriculum or Field Trip) on the memo line.
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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is RLBC?


    RLBC stands for Rapid Learner Booster Club. It is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation established by RL parents for the sole benefit of the RL program at DPM. GATEPOST is an organization of DPM RL parents, RL staff and DPM administrators that has raised funds through voluntary family contributions to supplement the RL program and pay for specific enhancements since 1983. RLBC is also active in advocating for RL students at the District level to ensure their unique needs continue to be met through the RL program.

    The fundraising goals for RLBC are as follows:
    blue icon To establish a reliable and predictable source of supplementary funds for the curricular and technology enhancements that have distinguished the DPM RL program
    blue icon To consolidate fundraising for the DPM RL program and eliminate the need for special fundraising projects

    What do RLBC funds pay for?

    • RL classroom funds which are typically used for special project materials, classroom libraries, and to fund class plays
    • Student computers in the classroom, including hardware, software, and printers
    • Support for field trips RL faculty select to enhance curriculum
    • Faculty training in gifted education and the integration of technology in the classroom


    These program enhancements are not part of the curriculum provided by SJUSD. Funding for these enhancements is provided by GATEPOST using donations from RL student families each school year. Program enhancements may vary due to changes in annual financial support.

    Do state funds support the Rapid Learner Program?

    Del Paso Manor, like any public school, receives various types of State funding each year to pay for teacher and staff salaries, site computer lab and library enhancements, site maintenance, and other operating and administrative expenses.  Your contribution to RLBC funds educational enhancements to the DPM RL program noted above.

    Can other fundraising cover the cost of the Rapid Learner Program?


    The primary advantage of a direct donation is that 99% of your contribution benefits the DPM RL program and its students. Unlike other types of fundraising, direct donation fundraising requires almost no production cost.   Direct donation provides advantage to the DPM RL program by allowing RLBC volunteers to focus almost entirely on supporting DPM RL program faculty and operational needs.   Direct donations also provide some predictability of annual contributions. This is critical information for DPM RL faculty to perform effective curriculum planning in advance of each school year.  

    You will see school-wide fundraising requests throughout the year, like Fat Cat cookie dough sales in the fall and the spring Jog-a-thon.  These fundraisers benefit DPM as a whole, including RL.  In the past, DPM PTA has financed purchases such as playground equipment, special assemblies, dance instruction, and more.

    Why are field trip fees made payable to RLBC?

    RLBC facilitates payment of field trip deposits, and supports DPM RL faculty in ensuring their class field trips are funded in full each school year. Many of the DPM RL field trips require scheduling and payment in advance of fee collection from participating students. RLBC manages the bank account for the student fees collected by RL faculty, and provides interim or gap funding to enable class trips, as required.
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Last Modified on September 16, 2018