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    (Click here to link to turnitin.com)

    How Students Create an Account on Turnitin.com  

    Log on to Turnitin.com

    Click on “Create Account”

    Click on the “Student” link

    Fill in the information.

    Your teacher will provide the ID NUMBER and password

    Everything is case sensitive. Be aware of capital letters.

    Use an email address that you will actually remember and use.

    Use a password that you will actually remember- remember: it is case sensitive

    When you answer your secret question, make sure you will remember the answer. Note: the answer is also case sensitive.


    How to Submit a Paper

    Log into Turnitin.com

    Click on the class name

    Options for submission:

    Copy and Paste (Note: headers do not paste)

    Single File Upload (Click on the “Copy and Paste” words to get there)

    Follow the directions on the screen and submit paper.

    bart-simpson-plagiarize.png (516×360)


Last Modified on February 4, 2019