• Attendance Office

    24-Hour Attendance Recorder Line
    (916) 971-7844

    Call it any time!

    Attendance & Records Clerk - Cambria Lawand - cambria.lawand@sanjuan.edu

    The computerized telephone calls you get are to let you know that your child was marked absent for the day and has not been cleared.

    If you are aware of a full day absence, you can call the 24-hour recorder, (916) 971-7844, to give the reason for the absence.

    You have only 5 school days to clear each absence; otherwise, the absence will automatically become a "Cut" and cannot be changed.

    When writing notes for your child, particularly for morning tardies, PLEASE do the following:

    • Write the child’s FULL name
    • Sign the note
    • Write your relationship to the child
    • DATE the note

    Notes will not be accepted without this important information.


    PLEASE KEEP YOUR CHILD’S EMERGENCY NUMBERS UP-TO-DATE. It is important that we are able to reach parents in the event of an emergency. During the month of January the office had to track down phone numbers for over 100 families who did not let us know their number had changed. Call the Attendance Office at (916) 971-7842, ext 2, when you change your home phone number, cell phone number, etc.

    For address changes, please bring in proof of the address change (i.e. SMUD, PG&E, AT&T, etc.) to the Attendance Office.


    Students are expected to be in the classroom and ready for instruction when the bell rings at 7:45 am. Students arriving after the start of school are considered tardy and need to report to the Attendance Office before going to their 1st period class to obtain a pass to class. Students with excessive tardies are subject to disciplinary action.

    Students arriving late to any class without a hall pass from the previous teacher are considered tardy and are subject to disciplinary action.

    Tardy Consequences:

    • 1st Tardy – Warning
    • 2nd Tardy – Parent Contact
    • 3rd Tardy – Detention / Parent Contact
    • 4th Tardy – Friday School / Parent Contact
    • 5th Tardy – Referral to Administration / Parent Contact
    • 6th Tardy – Loss of Extra Curricular Activities / Parent Contact

    Tardies are cumulative for each quarter. Tardies reset at the beginning of each quarter.

Important Information and Reminders

  • K-8 Attendance Notification - San Juan Unified School District

    SCHOOL ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE TIMES: Please remember that students are not to arrive at school before 7:00 a.m. and are to be picked up after school no later than 2:45 p.m. THERE IS NO SUPERVISION FOR YOUR STUDENTS BEFORE OR AFTER SCHOOL HOURS.

    OFFICE HOURS: 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

    SCHOOL PHONE: (916) 971-7842

    For the administration office — press 3

    For the attendance line — press 1

    For enrollment, records and attendance questions — press 2


    Daily classroom attendance is critical to student success.

    Parents must call the 24-Hour Absence Line to report student absences.

    (916) 971-7844

    24-Hour Attendance Recorder Line

    Call it any time!

    Parents/guardians must send a written note for all early dismissals from class. BE PREPARED TO WAIT IF YOU DO NOT SEND A NOTE. We do not have adequate office or student help to retrieve students with last minute notice. We will not interrupt teachers with phone requests for students.

    We cannot take early dismissals or messages for students over the telephone unless it is an emergency.

    Students are to be signed out in the Office by the parent/guardian or an adult listed on the student’s emergency card before leaving campus. FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR CHILDREN PLEASE BE PREPARED TO SHOW IDENTIFICATION. 
    Messages and deliveries to students are disruptive to the classroom environment, and we do not have the office staff to make deliveries. To ensure an uninterrupted learning environment for your student, please do the following:

    Make after school pick up plans in the evening

    Check for homework, lunch money, and PE clothes before leaving the house in the morning.
    Students must be absent for 3 consecutive days before the office can make a homework request. Teachers have 24-hours to complete the request.

    Students must make up school work missed during an absence. It is the student’s responsibility to request make-up work from the teacher and make sure it is completed within the time designated by the teacher.
    Notify Debie Trotti in the Attendance Office 1-2 days in advance of your student’s last day at school (916) 971-7842.

    On your student’s last day, have your child pick up a Check Out Form from the Attendance Office. This form will be hand carried by your student all day and signed off by each teacher. Be sure to have your student bring all books to school on the last day (including Library and workbooks).

    At the end of the day your student will return the completed Check Out form to the Attendance Office. Debie Trotti will then add immunizations, a report card copy, test scores, and birth certificate for you to give to your student’s new school.

    Following these procedures will ensure a smooth transition for your student.
Last Modified on December 14, 2021