• eScrip- Raising Money the Easy Way……..Point and Click! 

      1. Do you shop at Raley’s, BELAIR, or Nob Hill?
          Obtain a Quality of Life Card from Barrett PTA - can be picked up in the Barrett Office.
          Present your card while shopping, and Barrett Middle School receives a percentage of every purchase you make at
          Raley’s, BELAIR, or Nob Hill.

      2. Do you shop at SaveMart?
          Obtain a SaveMart SHARES card from Barrett PTA. No registration is necessary. Just swipe it every time you shop at
          SaveMart and Barrett receives money.

      3. Do you have a Safeway card, Macy’s credit card, Visa/MC/Discover or Debit Card?
          Go to www.escrip.com
          Click on 1 – Sign-up, it’s free.
          Search to see if your group is enrolled in the program. Barrett Middle School is group ID 6615477, so make sure you
          select that you are searching by Group ID.
          Then, click on the John Barrett Middle School link that is returned from the search results, and select “Proceed to the
          Next Step”.
          Fill in all of the required boxes (they are red).
          Next, fill in your Safeway card number, and any other credit cards or accounts you’d like to add, in order to raise money for
          Barrett Middle School.

    Now, present your Safeway card while shopping, and Barrett Middle School receives a percentage of every purchase you make. In addition, when you use any of the other cards you registered, these retailers will also return a percentage of the money you spent to Barrett Middle School.

    NOTE – If you previously signed up for eScrip with your Safeway card, it MUST be renewed annually. The renewal must be done on or before November 1st, for uninterrupted contributions. Go to www.escrip.com and Click on YES RENEW!

    4.  Do you have a Target REDCard, or Target Visa Card?
         Go to: www.target.com/tcoe
         Click on ENROLL NOW.
         Search by School ID – and Barrett’s ID is 35421.
         Fill in your name and card number.

    When you use your Target REDCard or Target Visa card, Barrett Middle School will receive a percentage of the money you spend .


    Please contact Heidi Ursino - PTA - for more information at: heiditedu@msn.com