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  • AB 1025/Coaching Education(ASEP)/CPR/FA/Lifeguard/Water Safety For Swim Coaches

    Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching in the San Juan Unified School District (SJUSD).
    What is AB 1025?
    AB 1025 is a new state law that has been passed stating that all non-certificated coaches for every sport, paid or volunteer, have to get a Clearance Certificate from the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing office.  For more information contact our Athletics Office at (916)971-7140.
    Who is required to take the American Sports Education Program (ASEP) class?
    All High School Coaches (volunteer and paid) in SJUSD.
    Why does the ASEP class indicate part 1 and part 2?
    The class is a 2 day or 10 hour course. The information covered and tests require the class to take the full 10 hours.
    How much do these classes cost?
    $80 cash or money order (made out to the San Juan Unified School District or SJUSD).
    Do I take the ASEP class every year?
    No, once you have taken and passed the class you are certified nationwide for your lifetime.  Or you can take the NFHS coaching test online and get certified. The link is on our coaching information webpage below.
    Who is required to be CPR and first aid certified?
    All High School and Middle School Coaches (volunteer or paid) in SJUSD.
    What certification are aquatic coaches required to have?
    Aquatics (swimming and water polo) coaches must have a Lifeguard certification that includes first aid and in addition must be CPRFPR certified (or) Water Safety for Swim Coach certification and in addition must have a current CPR/FA certification.
    Do Lifeguard, Water Safety, CPR, and First Aid instructors need to have verification?
    Yes, all instructors must provide current verification that they have completed and are certified in those areas. Certification of being an instructor does not verify that they are current.
    How do I sign-up for classes?
    Contact your Athletic Director or Elaine Stewart at (916) 971-7140.
Last Modified on April 16, 2015