• Course Descriptions


    EXPLORATION ~ 6th/7th/8th GRADES


    Students rotate every nine or twelve weeks through the following specially designed exploratory courses:

    Art – This course focuses on increasing imagination and creativity through the elements of art and principles of design, including ceramics, and egg design. This course is a prerequisite for Advanced Art.

    Performing Arts
    Performing Arts/Dance – Students will create, choreograph, and perform dance productions. Classroom activities will include discussion of dance elements and styles, technical control and energy, and the expansion of movement and choreographic vocabulary. Culminating activity will be a staged performance for school and community.



    Band/Choir - Award-winning programs for students at all levels – Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced and Choir. School instruments are available as you learn to play fun music.

    Advanced Art - Advanced instruction on techniques in art including painting, drawing, sculpture, and graphic design. ** Art leaders will be given opportunities for outside art projects on campus.  
    Media Media – Focus is on improvising, writing, reporting, design and technical skills through the production of video production for the school-wide closed-circuit award winning television programming.

    Journalism/Yearbook – Focus is on photography, design, and technical skills through the creation of the school yearbook

    Office Aide/Teacher Aide – Office Aides support office personnel by picking up attendance, running passes, assisting with new student orientation and other projects as needed. Teacher Aides provide support to the teacher by organizing and filing papers, copying and running errands.

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