• Middle School Wrestling Coach
    Churchill Middle School - Contact Brent Givens  (916) 971-7324
    Arcade Middle School - Contact LeeAnn Hopton  (916) 971-3830
    Job Description
    Wrestling coaches will be certified as Double Goal Coaches by Positive Coaching Alliance through a workshop provided by the district. Coaches must be committed to the PCA principles of striving to win while pursuing the more-important goal of teaching life lessons through sports.  The PCA's Double Goal Coach job description includes modeling and teaching athletes to Honor the Game, helping players to pursue mastery of the sport (not just scoreboard wins), use and encourage positive reinforcement, and have conversations at each practice that encourage the pursuit of these goals.

    Receive clearance by the district to coach.  
    Set practice schedule and appropriate course of conditioning for middle school athletes.
    Provide sound coaching strategy and appropriate Double Goal Coach behavior at competitions.
    Work one-on-one with wrestlers to assess abilities and develop goals and objectives for the season.
    Determine appropriate and safe weight divisions.
    Teach wrestling moves and strategies.
    Educate wrestlers about the rules of competition.
    Instill sound nutrition practices.
    Ensure all facilities are secured after all practices and home competitions.
Last Modified on May 15, 2019