Bella Vista Strategic Plan Tactics

  • The Bella Vista strategic plan identifies three tactics that will be used to help the school community achieve their stated objectives and mission: 

    Tactic 1 

    We will motivate all students to discover the tools and connections that support academic and personal 
    success at Bella Vista and post secondary pathways. 
    •  Incorporate college/career options into academic curriculum. 
    •  Implement college/career information day at least every 2 years. 
    •  Incorporate college/career options into the academic curriculum.

    Tactic 2 

    We will promote effective internal and external communication that is honest, transparent and timely to 
    build trusting relationships, increase learning productivity, and create a unified collaborative learning 
    • Establish and implement an ongoing teacher support program for teachers new to Bella Vista. 
    • Develop a system to increase student connectivity to Bella Vista through involvement in extra-curricular activities. 
    • Establish a system to encourage communication and enhance the teacher/student relationship to increase student learning
    • Expand and improve on the current two-way communication available for staff and parents. 
    • Ensure transparency, coordination, and collaboration between and among the various staff and parent groups.

    Tactic 3 

    We will implement effective instructional strategies to further each student’s personal achievement on standardized tests, course grades, and 21st century skills. 
    • Integrate the effective use of 21st century skills into routine instruction in a phase-in model. 
    • Implement effective instructional strategies to further students’ achievement on standardized test scores (SAT, AP, STAR, ACT, CAHSEE, SJUSD benchmark assessments, etc.) 
    • Implement subject-specified best practices and instructional strategies in order to further students’ academic achievement in all courses.
Last Modified on May 13, 2014