• PTA Officers & Chair Position 

    Each year we have to elect officers for our PTA. If you or anyone you know is interested in a position, please contact our PTA President, Rebecca Webb at RebeccaBarrettPTA@gmail.com or (916) 969-6135.

    PTA Officer Positions

    • President* - impartially preside at and coordinate meetings; sign all check authorizations prepared by the Treasurer; be a positive presence at certain events
    • Executive Vice President - serve as the primary aide to the President; perform presidential duties in the president's absence
    • Secretary* - keep accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings; report on previous meetings; sign all check authorizations prepared by the Treasurer 
    • Treasurer* - keep accurate permanent books of accounts; receive, track, and balance all income and expenses; prepare check authorizations to be signed by the President and Secretary; present all financial information at meetings; prepare budget and forward approved budget to San Juan Council; handle all accounting issues relating to CA State PTA
    • Auditor - audit financials semiannually; prepare a midyear and year-end audit; verify audit report is correct and forward copies to San Juan Council
    • Historian & Parliamentarian - assemble & preserve a record of activities and act as custodian of those records; handle board nominations and election proceedings

    *These positions must be filled - the others aren’t mandatory

    PTA Chair Positions:

    • Dance Chair - coordinate & oversee all dances
    • Fundraising Chair - coordinate & oversee all fundraising efforts by PTA
    • Hospitality - coordinate & oversee the faculty luncheons and snack days provided by PTA
    • Membership Chair - conduct an annual membership drive for the PTA; keep a current list of members 
    These positions do require some work, but it can be fun and exciting to do something different. Also, you would not be alone in any of these positions. The current members will be there to help along the way. Come help us make decisions to improve our already spectacular school.

              PTA Board Members 2018-2019


     Rebecca Webb


     Lisa Nicodemus


     Sarah Reimers & Lori Worthen



    Dance Chair

     Chris Espinoza & Jas Wright
    Membership Chair

     Joyce Wenger-Johnson

    Hospitality Chair

     Renee Nicholson & Tracy Auble

    Fundraising Chair

     Chris Nicholson

Last Modified on November 27, 2018