Home & Hospital Instruction

  • Home and Hospital serves students who incur a temporary disability, which makes attendance in the regular day classes or alternative education program impossible or inadvisable.  Enrollment in the program is based on a referral from physician or psychiatrist.
    CA Ed. Code 48206.3

    Home & Hospital Instruction (HHI) is a limited program available to students who are temporarily ill or injured and require instruction at home for a short-term disability. The goal of Home & Hospital Instruction is the maintenance of the student's former level of performance while recovering.  Certain subjects/classes may not be offered/available while receiving instruction in the Home & Hospital program.

    • Students may be referred to the Home & Hospital Instruction program if they are unable to attend school due to a serious injury or illness which will result in school absence for at least three consecutive weeks.  This does not include any previous absences prior to the request for HHI.
    • School site accommodations and/or alternative education options such as independent study, charter schools, home schooling, school day reduction or other modified instruction should be considered BEFORE a referral is made to HHI.
    • Home Instruction may be made available immediately at the onset of health problems if it appears the absence will exceed three weeks.
    • For enrollments exceeding six weeks, you may be required to provide the Home and Hospital Instruction office with an updated Physician or Mental Health Referral form.
    • Mental health referrals are limited to a maximum of 60 days on home instruction.
    • Regardless of physician recommendation, the SJUSD HHI office will determine the appropriateness of placement on an individual basis.  Recommendations not meeting California Education Code criteria for HHI will be denied

    Home & Hospital Instruction will not commence until the following forms have been received and approved by the program office:

    1. Parent Agreement (completed & signed by parent/guardian)
    2. Authorization for Exchange of Confidential Information (completed & signed by parent)
    3. Physician Referral (completed & signed by M.D.) or Mental Health Referral (completed & signed by Psychiatrist)
    4. For all Special Education referrals - Individualized Education Plan (IEP) designating Home and Hospital Instruction or Homebound Instruction (addendum)

    Completed forms are to be mailed, faxed or brought to:
    Home & Hospital Instruction
    3700 Garfield Ave - Room 18
    Carmichael, CA 95608
    FAX: (916) 971-5733

    Questions about the Home & Hospital Instruction Program may be directed to:
    Karen Lerma, Secretary
    (916) 971-7017
    Sandra Butorac, Program Manager, Student Support Services
    Referral Forms - Based on the type of temporary disabling condition, please select the appropriate referral packet:
    English                                            Spanish                                             Russian                                            
    Medical Referral 2021                 Medical Referral 2021                    Medical Referral 2021                                                        
    Mental Health Referral 2021     Mental Health Referral 2021        Mental Health Referral 2021                                                                                     
    Ukrainian                                       Arabic                                              Farsi/Dari
    Medical Referral 2021                  Medical Referral 2021                  Medical Referral 2021                                     
    Mental Health Referral 2021      Mental Health Referral 2021      Mental Health Referral                                    
Last Modified on November 2, 2021