School Nurses

  • School Nurses are available on an itinerant basis to assess health needs, supervise the health care of students with special needs and to administer health screenings. School Nurses are generally not available during school vacations or summer months.

    Please contact Health Services directly at (916) 971-7643 with any immediate concerns.


    Click below to download School Nurse Contact Information with Assignment:

San Juan Unified School District - Nurse   Assignments - 2020-2021
Assignment Nurse Best Contact Number Email
Arcade MS Roycroft, Nancy 916-833-9961
Arden MS Bautista, Noel 916-882-0773
Arlington Heights Kirk, Eileen 916-849-6193
Barrett MS Potter, Ellie 916-835-3674
Bella Vista HS Wu, Chen-Yu 916-834-9178
Cambridge Heights Mantell, Rhoda 916-835-7812
Cameron Ranch Chafey, Melissa 916-849-8175
Carmichael Stokes, Linda 916-952-9405
Carnegie MS Amador, Jenny 916-835-9017
Carriage Goldman, Sharon 916-633-5005
Casa Roble HS Klinger, Julie 916-835-4874
Charles Peck Potter, Ellie 916-835-3674
Churchill MS Erfert, Paulette 916-832-4475
Cottage Alpay, Rosemarie 916-873-7619
Cowan Erfert, Paulette 916-832-4475
Coyle Mantell, Rhoda 916-835-7812
Del Campo HS Kirk, Eileen 916-849-6193
Del Dayo Heffner,   Teresita 916-873-5367
Del Paso Manor Anderson, Sarah 916-340-5457
Deterding Stokes, Linda 916-952-9405
Dewey, Harry Mantell, Rhoda 916-835-7812
Dyer-Kelly Bautista, Noel 916-882-0773
ECE Almario,   Patricia 916-971-5962
ECE Benstead, Jodie 916-971-5965
ECE DeLeon, Heather 916-971-5916
ECE Edwards, Audrey 916-971-5930
Edison Alpay, Rosemarie 916-873-7619
El Camino HS Chafey, Melissa 916-849-8175
El Sereno HS Alpay, Rosemarie 916-873-7619
Encina 6-12 Bautista, Noel 916-882-0773
Garfield PS Roycroft, Nancy 916-833-9961
General Davie PS Autism Program Alpay, Rosemarie 916-873-7619
Gold River Potter, Ellie 916-835-3674
Grand Oaks Klinger, Julie 916-835-4874
Green Oaks Mashadyan, Anna 916-873-4667
Greer Anderson, Sarah 916-340-5457
Howe Anderson, Sarah 916-340-5457
IZ Clinic Stevenson, Derek 916-833-5118
Kingswood Galindo,   Gabrielle 916-834-2385
La Entrada HS Alpay, Rosemarie 916-873-7619
Laurel Ruff Center Stokes, Linda 916-952-9405
LaVista Center Alpay, Rosemarie 916-873-7619
Lead Nurse Stevenson, Derek 916-833-5118
LeGette, Earl Wu, Chen-Yu 916-834-9178
Lichen Galindo,   Gabrielle 916-834-2385
Mariemont Anderson, Sarah 916-340-5457
Mariposa Galindo,   Gabrielle 916-834-2385
Marvin Marshall PS Chafey, Melissa 916-849-8175
Meraki HS Alpay, Rosemarie 916-873-7619
Mesa Verde HS Goldman, Sharon 916-633-5005
Mira Loma HS Roycroft, Nancy 916-833-9961
Mission Roycroft, Nancy 916-833-9961
Northridge Wu, Chen-Yu 916-834-9178
Oakview Klinger, Julie 916-835-4874
Orangevale Open Amador, Jenny 916-835-9017
Ottomon Mashadyan, Anna 916-873-4667
Pasadena Erfert, Paulette 916-832-4475
Pasteur MS Galindo,   Gabrielle 916-834-2385
Pershing Mashadyan, Anna 916-873-4667
Ralph Richardson Center Melavic, Tara 916-873-2851
Rio Americano HS Heffner,   Teresita 916-873-5367
San Juan HS Mantell, Rhoda 916-835-7812
Schweitzer Potter, Ellie 916-835-3674
Sierra Oaks Heffner,   Teresita 916-873-5367
Skycrest Stokes, Linda 916-952-9405
Starr King Erfert, Paulette 916-832-4475
Sylvan MS Goldman, Sharon 916-633-5005
TB Clinic Stevenson, Derek 916-833-5118
Thomas Kelly Kirk, Eileen 916-849-6193
Trajan Amador, Jenny 916-835-9017
Twin Lakes Amador, Jenny 916-835-9017
Whitney Avenue Chafey, Melissa 916-849-8175
Will Rogers MS Preston, Karen 916-971-7889
Woodside Klinger, Julie 916-835-4874
Last Modified on September 14, 2020