Attendance Improvement Program


    Attendance Matters

    2018-2019 Attendance Improvement Program

    Student success starts with good attendance and is the responsibility of the student, family, and school. The U.S. Department of Education reports that for every missed day of school, it takes a student two days to catch up since he/she must make up missed learning and catch up with new learning at the same time.

    Parents can help their children be successful by encouraging regular attendance. Regular attendance has been linked to higher achievement, stronger bonds to the school and community, lower rates of delinquent and high risk behavior, and increased participation in higher education.

    Parents have a vital role in ensuring and promoting regular attendance at school. Regular attendance is necessary for success in school, and as a parent, you are the key person who can make a difference. The earlier a student sets a pattern of going to school, the better they will do throughout their school career. Students who attend regularly are the least likely to drop out of school.

    We ask you support our efforts to increase attendance by making a conscientious effort to:
    • Ensure students arrive to school and class on time.
    • Plan family vacations during non-school days and summer break.
    • Try to schedule doctor appointments for your child after school hours.
    • Bring your child to school before and after appointments that are scheduled during the school day.
    • Only allow your child to stay home when he/she has a contagious illness or is too sick to attend school.

    Student attendance = student achievement + student resources 

    Did you know?

    Attendance and academic achievement are cooperative responsibilities between the student, family, and school.

    Approximately 90% of our district general purpose revenue is derived from student attendance.

    Schools do not receive funding when a student is absent, excused or otherwise. When a student attends a portion of the school day, he/she gains valuable instructional time and the district is eligible to collect attendance funding.

    On the average day, SJUSD loses approximately $78,500 due to student absences.

    Increase A.D.A. of 1% district wide = an additional $2,430,688 in revenue.

    Education pays off in terms of a meaningful future and success in the workforce.

    Attendance Improvement Program's goal is to encourage each student to come to school every day and on time.


Last Modified on August 21, 2018