How to Become a Guest Teacher

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    Welcome to SJUSD Certificated Substitute Support and Information!

    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Guest Teacher with the San Juan Unified School District! The following information outlines the guest teacher application and selection process, as well as provides answers to other substitute-specific questions.


    • Update July 1, 2019 - San Juan Unified School district is now accepting applications for Guest Teachers. Please select the application process link below and fill out the certificated on-line application.  Once submitted, Sub Services will contact the most qualified applicants with further information.

    • Attention CalSTRS retirees under 60!
      Effective July 1, 2010, CalSTRS retirees under the age of 60 will be subject to a zero dollar earnings limitation during the first six months after retirement.  Members under 60 who return to work for CalSTRS-related service within the first six months of retiring will have their retirement allowance reduced on a dollar-for-dollar basis.  After six months have passed, the under 60 retirees may receive compensation, subject to the current postretirement earnings limit.


    All new candidates interested in guest teaching in the San Juan Unified School District must meet the following requirements:

    • Hold a teaching credential based on a degree and student teaching OR

    • Be eligible to apply for an Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit which has the minimum requirements of:
      • Must possess a bachelor’s degree or higher; and
      • Passed the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) or CSET Multiple Subject with Writing
    In addition, you must:
    • Successfully complete a screening interview with the Human Resources Office;

    • Show teaching competency by:
      • Completion of a teaching credential program based on a degree and student teaching OR
      • Completion of the online Substitute Teacher Training Program ($39.95 fee) linked to this site with a passing SubAssessment composite score of 85% or better. Bring a copy of the SubAssessment Diploma with a passing composite grade of 85% or higher to your Screening Interview

    • Pass a Criminal Background Check


    *Please note, if selected for employment our offices will assist with obtaining a 30-Day Substitute Permit.  Self-applied applications may take 3 to 6 months to be processed by the CTC.  Applications submitted by the district on behalf of employees may be issued in as quickly as 2 weeks.

    Guest Teacher Application Process  

    Click here to view the steps for becoming a Guest Teacher.


    Daily Salary Information  

    Click here for the full guest teacher salary schedule.

    Time sheets are due the 25th of every month. You will be paid the following month on the 10th.
    Click here for the guest teacher time sheet.

    Find a Sub Assignment  

    Find a Sub assignment by phone or online: SmartFindExpress

    San Juan Unified School District uses an automated computerized Substitute Management System (SmartFindExpress). This system provides the ability to review and accept open sub assignments now and into the future.
    SmartFindExpress Phone Line (24 hrs): (916) 507-0381   *updated 1/11/2018

    SmartFindExpress Web Browser Link (24 hrs):        *updated 1/11/2018
    With SmartFindExpress you can:
    • Modify callback number
    • Modify availability dates
    • View assignments
    • Review historical data
    • Cancel assignments
    • Search for assignments

    Address / Phone Number Changes  

    Keeping your address and phone number current in Substitute Services and Payroll is critical. Written notification of address change is required. Please send the information to Substitute Services with a copy to Payroll.

    Social Security

    Social Security is comprised of two parts (OASDI 6.2% of your gross pay and Medicare 1.45% of your gross pay). Certificated substitute teachers do not pay into OASDI but they do pay into Medicare.

    CA State Teachers Retirement System (CalSTRS)

    If you are a current CalSTRS member, all substitute earnings will be subject to CalSTRS contribution and Medicare deductions.
    CalSTRS Permissive Membership Election
    If you are not currently a CalSTRS member, you have the right to elect membership at any time while employed to perform creditable service.  In order to elect or decline membership with CalSTRS, you will be required to complete a CalSTRS Permissive Membership Form ES-0350.


    If you are a substitute employee and are not currently a STRS member, you have the option to enroll in San Juan's Mandatory Retirement System (APPLE).
    • Contributions towards APPLE are 7.5% of the gross pay.
    • Once you work for 101 days or 601 hours in a Fiscal Year (July 1 to June 30) OR more than 10 days or 60 hours in a month, membership in the State Teachers Retirement System (STRS) is mandatory and you will be automatically enrolled in STRS.
    • At that time, your APPLE deduction will stop and you may request a refund through the Benefit Department, but penalties may apply.

    Contact Information  

    For any additional questions regarding substitute teaching the in the San Juan Unified School District, contact Substitute Services at (916) 971-7245.
    Click here  to view the Guest Teacher FAQ




District Telephone Numbers

Department Phone Number
Board of Education: (916) 971-7111
Human Resources: (916) 971-7193
Substitute Help Desk (Certificated)7:00am to 4:00pm - school days: (916) 971-7245
Substitute Help Desk (Classified) 7:00am to 5:00pm - School days (916) 971-7242
Substitute Help Desk (Classified) 8:30am - 5:00pm (916) 971-7745
Substitute Request Line (SmartFindExpress): (916) 971-7827
IMC (Instructional Media Center): (916) 971-7371
Labor Relations: (916) 979-8444
Maintenance/Operations: (916) 971-5740
Multilingual/Multicultural: (916) 971-5382
Payroll: (916) 971-7223
Special Education: (916) 971-7953
Superintendent's Office: (916) 971-7104
Transportation: (916) 971-7689
Workers Compensation Office: (916) 971-7756