Classified Testing

  • Some jobs in the San Juan Unified School District require applicants to pass a proficiency test. The following describes these tests and gives suggestions for preparation.

    Which Classified Job Openings Require Testing?  

    • Accounting Tests - 
      • Account Clerk I & II
      • Accounting Technician
      • Payroll Technician I & II
      • School Controller
    • Proficiency Tests - Most positions, including, but not limited to the following classifications:
      • Instructional Assistants - all types
      • Child Development Assistants
    • Typing Test
      • Secretary (Elementary, Middle & High School)
      • Clerk Typist, Intermediate Clerk Typist & Senior Clerk Typist
      • Middle/Senior Records & Reports Clerks
      • Administrative Assistants

    When & Where are Typing and Proficiency Tests Given?

    • The Typing, Proficiency and Accounting Tests are given by appointment only.
    • Please use the following link to schedule a testing appointment: Proficiency/Typing Test Scheduling
    • You will need an unexpired picture ID to test (e.g., Driver's License, Passport or DMV ID Card).

    Applicants taking tests are encouraged to keep a copy of the test results so that he/she may submit the document when applying for positions with the San Juan Unified School District.

    Typing Tests must have been taken within 5 years of the current posting and Accounting Tests must have been taken within 3 years of the current posting.

    Applicants may submit the following documents to meet the proficiency and typing test requirements:

    • Proficiency exam—SJUSD will accept the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) results, or Official transcripts demonstrating the completion of two years of college (48 semester units/60 quarter units) or an A.A. degree (or higher).
    • Typing test—SJUSD will accept typing certificates certifying the required typing speed. Typing certificate must verify the completion of a five minute timed test, state gross words per minute, the number of errors, and indicate net words per minute. (Internet and high school typing tests will NOT be accepted.)

    Scanning Services

    Some positions require documentation as part of the application process. EDJOIN now only accepts attachments in one format: pdf. EDJOIN does not accept Microsoft Word documents. Applicants may convert word documents to a pdf file.  For example, to convert a resume stored in Microsoft Word, open the document, go to File, Save As and choose Save as type: (*.pdf).

    For those applicants who are unable to scan or convert documents to the one acceptable format, providers such as FedEx Office and the UPS Store may be able to offer scanning solutions.

    A limited scanning service will be available at the San Juan Unified School District Human Resources department. Documents scanned by Human Resources will be emailed to the applicant. It may take up to 48 hours or longer to receive a copy of the scanned documents. The HR department will only scan documents that are listed as REQUIRED on job postings. It is the responsibility of the applicant to attach all required documents to his/her application.

    For more information on scanning or attaching documents, please contact 971-7956 or 971-7243.

    Testing Policies

    There is a $10.00 charge for each testing session (only cash (exact change only) or personal checks accepted). A testing session is:

    • Completing one or more parts of the proficiency test at one sitting;
    • Taking the typing test (one practice and up to three tests) at one sitting.
    • Taking any other district-required test at one sitting.

    Regular in-district employees are not required to pay a testing fee for promotional testing, provided they do not take the same test more than once in a 30 day period.

    Passing Certificates are available for the applicable test for a $5.00 fee.

    Web Resources for Test Preparation

    The websites below are suggested as places to start in upgrading your math and/or typing skills. These sites are not sponsored by SJUSD and we are not responsible for the content.

    Classified Testing Contacts

    For more information about Classified testing, contact:
       Human Resources at (916) 971-7745