Substitute and On-Call Job Opportunities

  • Welcome to SJUSD Classified Substitute Support and Information!

    The San Juan Unified School District has an on-going need for substitute and on-call employees in the following positions: (click on links below for more information)

    Definition: Classified and Certificated Employees  

    • Classified Employees - This includes most support personnel, such as clerical, bus drivers, technical, instructional assistants, food services workers and accounting. If that fits you then continue on this page.
    • Certificated Employees - You must have teaching, counseling or nursing certificate to be considered a certificated employee. This includes teachers, counselors, and nurses. If this is you, then click to go to the Certificated New Employee page.

    How to Become a Classified Substitute

    • Find a substitute position online at SJUSD Classified Vacancies that you are qualified for. Please note that substitute positions are advertised on an "as needed" basis. If the position you are interested in is not posted, please check back at a later date.
    • Pass any required testing.  See Classified Testing.
    • Fill out the Classified Online Application, then apply for the position online.
    • If you are accepted as an on-call, classified substitute, an employee from the Human Resources department will email you with an invitation to attend the next substitute orientation.
    • TB test and Fingerprint clearance will be required before you can begin work.

    Classified Employees Added to SmartFindExpress  

    Human Resources now uses the automated SmartFindExpress to request classified substitutes. Employees go online or on the telephone to create an absence and request a sub instead of calling Human Resources. This includes school clerical employees, instructional assistants, interpreters, campus monitors, media techs and certain accounting employees. Substitutes will then be called, use the telephone or go online to choose sub assignments.

    Employees and Substitutes must have an Access ID and PIN to access the program.  If you do not know yours, contact your school secretary or call Sub Services at 971-7745.

    Using SmartFindExpress:
    • Telephone Access: (916) 971-7827
    • Web Access:
    • The telephone support number for Classified Substitutes is 971-7745.

    Social Security

    Social Security is comprised of two parts (OADI 6.2% of your gross pay and Medicare 1.45% of your gross pay). Classified substitute employees do not pay into OASDI but they do pay into Medicare.


    If you are a substitute employee and are not currently a PERS member, you will be automatically enrolled in San Juan's Mandatory Retirement System (APPLE). More information is available on the APPLE website.

    • All classified substitutes except bus drivers must contribute 7.5% of their gross pay towards APPLE (bus drivers contribute 6%).
    • Once you work 1000 hours as a Substitute Employee in a Fiscal Year (July 1 to June 30) you will be eligible for the Public Employee's Retirement System (PERS) and will be automatically enrolled in PERS.
    • At that time, your APPLE deduction will stop and you may request a refund through the Benefits Department, but penalties may apply.

District Telephone Numbers

Department Phone Number
Board of Education: (916) 971-7111
Human Resources: (916) 971-7193
Substitute Help Desk (Certificated)7:00am to 4:00pm - school days: (916) 971-7245
Substitute Help Desk (Classified) 7:00am to 5:00pm - School days (916) 971-7242
Substitute Help Desk (Classified) 8:30am - 5:00pm (916) 971-7745
Substitute Request Line (SmartFindExpress): (916) 971-7827
IMC (Instructional Media Center): (916) 971-7371
Labor Relations: (916) 979-8444
Maintenance/Operations: (916) 971-5740
Multilingual/Multicultural: (916) 971-5382
Payroll: (916) 971-7223
Special Education: (916) 971-7953
Superintendent's Office: (916) 971-7104
Transportation: (916) 971-7689
Workers Compensation Office: (916) 971-7756