Smart Find Express

  • San Juan district uses a substitute management system called SmartFindExpress.  The major benefits include the ability to choose job assignments and register absences online as well as by telephone.

    Certificated and Classified Employees Use SmartFindExpress to Report an Absence and Request a Sub  

    Human Resources uses the automated SmartFindExpress to request certificated and classified substitutes. This includes teachers, school clerical employees, instructional assistants, interpreters, campus monitors, media techs and certain accounting employees. Substitutes will then be called, use the telephone or go online to choose sub assignments.

    • If you are in a position that does not authorize a sub until the third day of an absence, only request the sub for the authorized days.
    • Employees must still complete an Absence Report upon return and submit it to their supervisor.

    Telephone and Web Access  

    Employees and Substitutes can call into the system to create an absence or accept a job.
    • The telephone access number is 916-507-0381  *Updated as of 1/4/2018*

    One advantage of using SmartFindExpress is the ability for teachers, subs and administrators to access the program via the Internet or the telephone. The systems will interact and any information entered by phone will be available on the web and vice versa.

    Two I.D.'s  

    All users, whether on the phone or the web, will be required to provide two pieces of identification – an Access ID  and a PIN.

    New certificated employees will be given their Access ID by Certificated Substitute Services (971-7245) or Classified Substitute Services (971-7745).  They will then need to call into the system to select their PIN.

    Guest teachers will use their telephone number for their Access ID. They will then need to call into the system to select their PIN. With that extra ID, guest teachers will be able to accept jobs for now and into the future via the Internet as well as the phone.

    If you cannot remember your PIN, check with your site secretary or call Sub Services (971-7245 or 971-7745).

    Online Training  

    There is an excellent online training module : - just click on Substitutes.

    Quick Reference Instructions  

    Here are instructions for Teacher, Guest Teacher, Classified Employee, Classified Substitute and Management use of SmartFindExpress.
Last Modified on April 26, 2022