Work Permits


    In order to process a work permit you must already have an employer that can complete and sign the application.  The employer MUST provide their Workers Compensation Carrier name on the application.  The application must be filled out correctly and completely. All signatures and social security numbers need to be provided. Any incomplete work permit will not be processed. You must also have adequate grades and attendance in order to receive a work permit. Typical processing time varies but will usually not take more than a couple of days. Please review the following information to see which is the process you must follow.

    For current SJUSD students:

    If you need a work permit and school is in session, please request the work permit at the school where you currently attend. San Juan Central ONLY issues work permits when school is not in session between June 29 - July 27, you may request a work permit from San Juan Central by submitting a work permit application (B1-1). Email all completed and signed forms to Kirsten Pogue at  

    Private Schools

    If you need a work permit and are attending a private school within the SJUSD boundaries, you may request a work permit from San Juan Central by emailing You will have to provide the following items:

    1. Work permit application (B1-1)
    2. Copy of county issued birth certificate
    3. Letter from current school that states the student is currently attending and he/she has adequate grades and attendance.


    If you have any further questions in regards to work permits give us a call at 916-971-7179.