Head Start

  • The overall goal of Head Start is to bring about a greater degree of social competence in young children of low-income families. Social competence refers to the child's every day effectiveness in dealing with both his or her present environmental and later responsibilities in school and life. It takes into account the inter-relatedness of cognitive and intellectual development, physical health, mental health, and nutritional needs.

    Key Principles of Head Start include the following:

    • Comprehensive services 
    • Parent involvement and family focus 
    • Community partnership and community-based services



    In order to be eligible for a Head Start Program, children:

    1) Must be 3 years old by September 1st for the upcoming school year

    2) May not turn 5 on or before September 1st of this year

    3) Must be income eligible

    4) Children who are eligible to attend kindergarten may not attend Head Start

    To learn more, please visit our Registration Information page

    Head Start Program Schedule

    The Head Start programs are open Monday through Thursday for 3.5 hour sessions. Depending on the site, there are morning and afternoon options. Billy Mitchell, Cottage, Dyer Kelly, and General Davie also offer 6 hour, Monday-Friday Duration Head Start classes. Programs are closed on holidays determined by the District and legal holidays which are:

    • Martin Luther King Day 
    • President's Week 
    • Spring Break 
    • Memorial Day 
    • Independence Day 
    • Labor Day 
    • Veteran's Day 
    • Thanksgiving Break 
    • Winter Break
    • Head Start follows the same calendar as the San Juan Unified School District elementary school. Please refer to the School Year Schedule for specific closure dates. 

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