Benefits of Early Childhood Education

  • Benefits of ECE       
    Young children in infancy are already ready to learn. San Juan’s multiple programs for infants and toddlers provide child care or in-home services to those who are eligible, including pregnant women and families with children up to age three. The goal of San Juan's Early Head Start (EHS) Program is to bring about a greater degree of social competence in young children, taking into account the inter-relatedness of cognitive and intellectual development, physical and mental health, and nutritional needs.

    San Juan’s high-quality preschool programs provide educational and developmental opportunities for children aged three to five. Research shows that children learn easily and well at this age. The intellectual and social benefits of preschool are numerous and undeniable. Young children learn to live in a classroom community, to follow a routine, and to get along with people other than their relatives. Preschool education also provides economically disadvantaged children with a “head start.”

    The effects of preschool have extended beyond school into the adult world. Research shows that preschool graduates outshine non-participants by:

    • Receiving fewer referrals for remedial classes or special education 
    • Being less likely to repeat grades 
    • Earning higher grades and fewer failing grades 
    • Attaining greater social and emotional maturity 
    • More frequently graduating from high school or completing a GED 
    • Possessing greater academic motivation and more on-task behavior 
    • Having a greater capacity for independent work 
    • Spending more time on homework 
    • Showing lower incidences of absenteeism and detentions 
    • Possessing better attitudes toward school 
    • Having higher self-esteem 
    • Displaying lower incidence of illegitimate pregnancy, drug abuse, and delinquent acts 
    • Participating more in sports 
    • More frequently enrolling in post-secondary programs 
    • Showing higher future aspirations 
    • Having higher employment rates, better earnings, and a lower incidence of dependence on welfare 
    • Having fewer arrests and antisocial acts 
    • Having better relationships with family members, a higher incidence of volunteer work, and more frequent church attendance 

    San Juan's Early Child Education programs, including Discovery Club/School-Age Children's Center Programs, are dedicated to nurturing children, parents, families, and staff by providing quality education, resources, and personal growth opportunities that encourage lifelong learning. 
Last Modified on February 16, 2018